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Mars Flameless Candles With Timer Function

Mars Flameless Candles With Timer Function


John and I love candles.  It is hard to say how many we have went through since we have been together.  They are great for so many reasons.  Personally, we love them mainly because of the ambience they give the room. 

While candles are great.  Some smell good, some look pretty.  There is also some downsides to burning candles.  You have to light it and blow it out.  We had a cat one time that got on our coffee table and hit the candle with his tail, his tail caught on fire.  We caught it in time so no harm came to the cat- but it could’ve really went bad if we hadn’t been right here. 

Then there is the melted wax that goes all over.  I am still trying to figure the best way to remove melted wax off of a table.

And yet I guess the worse thing about candles is losing the wick.  Have you ever went to light a candle and the wick break off or be under the dried wax?  That is no fun.

So is there a solution to all of the above.  Probably.  But I have found a way to prevent all the above.  I have been using Mars Flameless candles with a timer Function.

When I first heard of them I wasn’t sure.  Then they came in.  They looked nice enough.  In fact they looked like real votive candles.  Still I thought that the batteries would die fast or I wouldn’t be able to figure out the timer function.  I was wrong.  I set one out on a favorite candle holder and pushed the little button on the bottom.  It started flickering.  Each day it would go off, come back on for around 6 hours off again etc.  Each day I thought this is the last day.  Would you believe after 3 weeks this same candle, using the same battery is still working?  It does seem like its burning lower – but still-  weeks?  I think that is awesome and now I am a believer.


I can say without a doubt that these Mars fllameless candles really work and are great.  Here is what they are exactly and what you will get when you purchase these:

  • FREE FAUX ROSE PETALS – With every purchase of the Timer LED Tealight by the Marsians Storefront, buyers also get a pack of 100 designer grade faux rose petals for free. These faux rose petals can be used for decorative purposes and for further boosting the visual charisma of the tealight candles battery operated. Can be used in mason jars and in wine glasses that can be turned upside down with rose petals inside them for absolutely stunning yet cost effective way to decorate.
  • 12 MONTH REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED – The Flameless Tealights come with a full one year return policy, only available in Amazon, so if the product stops working due to functionality issue, the Marsians Storefront will replace with another box of tea lights. Available only in Amazon.
  • NEW TIMER FEATURE BRIGHT WHITE TEA LIGHTS EXCLUSIVELY BY MARS – This feature makes on/off flameless candles flickering tealights even simpler. The lights will be lit for 6 hours and then they will automatically turn off for 18 hours and keep repeating this process . With this feature users can just turn the LED tea lights on and leave them at a desired location such as church wedding, outdoor. These unscented battery powered lights can be use on bathroom and spa to see a little glow coming from these rooms. These are perfect for pillar holder, tea light chandelier, cups, votive wraps, yellow paper lanterns, boxes and holder hanging.
  • 12 IN EVERY PACK, SAVE MONEY AND TIME – Every box includes 12 of these flicker romantic battery candles in the Bright White color. This new product by the Marsians Storefront helps users save time and money. These LED Powered Tealight Candles with timer come in a very economic rate and last a long time. These are great gifts for him, for her, birthday candle numbers for kids and busy brides. Ideal for Christmas stuffers, Halloween and other special events and party arrangements. These unscented tea lights can be used on candle scones, glass, near window fans, paper holders, candle warmer and accesories.
  • BUY TWO OR MORE TO AVAIL COUPON CODE FOUND IN THE SPECIAL OFFERS SECTION BELOW. EVERY LED TEALIGHT COMES WITH A BATTERY – You can save yourself the initial hassle of running out and getting the batteries because the Marsians Storefront ships the Timer Functioned Flameless Tea lights with batteries already fitted. So can turn the Tealight flameless candles on and place them wherever you want right when you receive them.





Thanks to Mars Candles for offering one of my readers a set of their own flameless candles.  Recently I held a giveaway from a different company for a household item.  They didn’t fulfill their promise, so now the winner of that giveaway will receive these wonderful candles!  Thank you for being patient Wendy.

Disclaimer:  I received these in exchange for sharing my honest opinion of them.  All opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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