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Makeup. Things every woman needs to have in their caboodle. - %%Shoppingwives%%

Makeup. Things every woman needs to have in their caboodle.

I remember my first makeup set.  I was very young and very excited that my mom was actually buying me makeup!  I couldn’t wait to come out of Johnny’s toy store and open up my new set of makeup.  Can you imagine the disappointment on my face once I realized it was all plastic pretend makeup???   That haunted me for a while Sad smile 

Fast forward to me at 11.  It was Christmas and my cousin and I wanted to exchange gifts.  We had a little help from our mothers in picking out the perfect present.  The day came and we exchanged what looked like the same shape and size package.  When we opened the gifts I was surprised to find out she gave me the exact same thing that I gave her.   A eyeshadow set.  Of course they were light colors and that was all I was allowed to wear. 

It was actually a couple years later that I was able to add to my makeup collection that has gotten me to where I am today.

While I love the smokey eyed look I haven’t been quite able to master that *yet*.

Let me share what I carry in my caboodle!  One of my must haves is my lipstick!  I can never have enough of that.  While I am thinking of trying the Covergirl Flipstick.  I haven’t yet.  My favorite so far is the Maybelline 24 hour superstay lipsticks.  I can put one of those colors on and wait a minute.  Apply a gloss and it is on for the remainder of the day (no kidding!)  I sometimes put a gloss over it throughout the day but it isn’t necessary. 

My favorite foundations and powders?  I will have to say is also Maybelline!  I love their line of age rewind products.  I can remember people used to tell me that with my skin I didn’t have to wear foundation.  Now that I am 41 that isn’t so anymore. 

I am not as picky with my blush.  Now nothing against covergirl but their liquid makeup and powder has something in it that just doesn’t agree with my skin.  I do however use a blush by covergirl.

Eyeshadows I am the same as my blush.  As long as they aren’t real powdery I will wear any.  In my caboodle now I have a dukes mixture of maybelline, covergirl, loreal and yes even some from the dollar store!  I like to switch colors around and like a variety.

My favorite part of makeup, other then the lipstick,  is the eyeliner!  I tend to go towards the darker colors and usually I don’t have a specific brand I use.  I have tried liquid but normally go back to just a regular slim pencil liner.

Here is where I have came into my problem.  Mascara!  I see all these ads promoting thick lashes.  I don’t know how many things of mascara I have bought hoping this will give me the full lashes I desire.  I am still in search of the perfect brand.  If you have something that works for you please please please, let me know?  I have tried using eyelash curler, combing my lashes..  Everything short of getting fake ones. 

One more thing that is a must in your caboodle or at least I think so, is a good moisturizer!  I apply this before anything.  I have been known to pour out foundation and mix the moisturizer with the foundation and apply. 

well I said one more thing but I meant 2 haha.  Another thing every woman should have is a good set of makeup brushes.  I can’t believe the difference it makes when applying makeup to have the right tools! 

I would love to hear your makeup favorites, tips, tools etc! 

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