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The ‘M’ in Makeup stands for Moisturizer

The ‘M’ in Makeup stands for Moisturizer


The ‘M’ in Makeup stands for Moisturizer!  At least that is the way I feel.  Moisturizing can be one of the most important things you do for your face.

Sure, it is fun to play with the colors while creating your perfect look.  But if you don’t treat your face right, then it can lead to all kinds of problems.  Problems such as breakouts, pimples, even signs of early aging. 

I wish I had learned this years ago, but I know now and I have found a moisturizer that works for me.  How did I find the one that worked?   What do you need to do to find out what works for you?

It is simple!

First you need to figure out your skin type.

  Do you have Normal, Dry, oily or combination skin? 

You can determine which you are by washing your face and after it is fully dry, testing with a cloth.  Pat the cloth on your face.  What do you see?  Nothing, grease, flaky or a bit of both? 

Normal-  Nothing on the cloth

Dry- Flaky dead skin

Oily- You will see grease on the cloth

Combination- You will see a bit of both flakes and oil

Now you need to determine how sensitive you are.  I am sure you may know by now already if you are allergy prone or how much you can take.  Does your face normally break out when you put on makeup?  If so you are going to need a product or sensitive skin.

Once you have determined your skin type and sensitivity level- then you can start shopping for your moisturizer.  Which one you use is simply up to you.  The main thing is you have one. 


What does moisturizer do? 


It does what the name says.  It moisturizes your face.  It is like giving your face a drink of water.  I know on days I have to skip using it for some reason or other, I can feel my face guzzling the moisturizer when I put it on!  It is nice, cool and very refreshing and makes my face feel so good! 

Do I have a tip when using moisturizer?  Sure do! 

I normally start by putting a dot on the following areas




both cheeks

then I start rubbing in circular motions from my forehead down.  I even rub some on my neck!  Another thing I have been known to do is mix it with my foundation.  Pour a small amount of foundation, a equal part of moisturizer, mix it together then apply as I stated above.


Do you have a favorite moisturizer?  Are you interested in the one I use?  Feel free to comment below or email me:  Tabby@shoppingwives.com

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