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While I can’t say I am going bald, I know baldness is common among women.  I do however tend to have quite a bit of hair loss.  I never really had any problem with my hair as I was growing up.  Even after I got older.  Then I came up with the bright idea to get highlights.  I loved them.  Then I wanted more highlights.  By the time I was done I was a complete blond.  In order to keep my black hair blond I was putting harsh chemicals, like bleach, on my whole head every 1-2 months.

I kept this up for at least 5 straight years.  After we went to Panama I decided to go back to my natural color.  I dyed my hair back to the color it was supposed to be.  Just because I dyed it back however, didn’t mean I got my healthy hair back.

I now have to deal with dry hair that tangles so easy.  I also notice a lot of hair loss when I brush my hair. 

I am striving to do what I can to try and get it back to a healthy state.  I am also trying to grow it out.

I heard one time that once you were a certain age you shouldn’t let your hair grown long.  I sometimes like to go against the grain.  So yes, at 43, I am going to let my hair grow out and be proud of it. 

I do take daily vitamins, especially biotin.  But recently I added something else to my hair care regime.  I have been using a product called:  Lipogaine from a company called Nexgen


Lipogaine is Minoxidil Enhanced with Biotin and Vitamin for Thinning Hair Loss / Hair Regrowth Treatment Professionally Formulated Extra Strength Version, 60 ml/2oz

Minoxidil is the No.1 hair growth product in the United States
Biotin is widely considered as the most important vitamin for healthier and stronger hair by beauticians
and Provides critical hair nutrients.

For best results it says to apply to your scalp 2 times a day. 

I love the fact that there is no odor with this.  The only thing I noticed when I applied the first few times was a small tingle.  Nothing major. 

For only $20.00 this is something I will continue to keep using.  I think it is very healthy for my hair and I deserve that.  If you want to pamper your hair you can purchase on the Amazon page HERE


disclaimer:  I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion before writing this post.  All opinions in this post are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours

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