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What It is like to Host Thanksgiving and ways to say Thank You!

What It is like to Host Thanksgiving and ways to say Thank You!



Have you ever hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner?   Every family probably has their own traditions.  Favorite foods and all that fun stuff. 

The person hosting the dinner has a lot on their shoulders.  KUDOS to them!  I have hosted several dinners and by the time the day is over I am ready to fall over.  I am grateful that on the occasions I hosted, I had family that jumped in and did what they could to help make it easier.

For the host, Thanksgiving doesn’t start on the day.  If you haven’t hosted one before, here is just one perspective of how it could go.

First there is planning the menu.  Planning on who will be there and how much you need of each thing.  Going to the store, buying the items.  Coming home, discussing your menu with a friend or family member that is attending the dinner and finding out that they really LOVE your (insert favorite dish here).  Most hosts are going to feel obligated to make that dish.  They strive to make the day special for all involved.  Back out to the store they have to go. 

There is also making sure they have the proper bowls for each item they are making.  Bowls big enough to hold salads.  Baking dishes.  Etc.  Now on to what everyone drinks.  One person loves tea, another person can’t stand it.  Don’t forget the ice. 

They finally have the food they need.  They have decided on the size turkey they need.  They know the sides, the desserts, the drinks.  They have a pretty good idea in their head on the bowls they will use, where everything will be set up at.


But look at this house!  It is a mess.  They start cleaning places they sometimes neglect.  In the middle of all of this they are still being wife, mommy/daddy – They have school, work, and the regular duties that come along with being who they are.

Finally it is the day before Thanksgiving.  Time to prepare everything you can ahead of time.  It will make it easier the next day.  Cakes & pies are cooling.  Salads are done.  Turkey goes in that night before bed.  Dishes are cleaned up for now.  Oh crap, you forgot the aluminum foil!  How about the sage for the dressing or other spice.  Back out to the store you have to go. 


Small things you hadn’t planned on keeps you busy.  It is 3 AM and you can finally shower and lay down.  You toss and turn anticipating the day.  You have plenty of time before the guests arrive.  You told everyone to be there at noon.  That makes plenty of time to wake up, put on makeup, feed the kids etc.  Right?  NO.  WRONG.  It is 10:00 AM and here comes a car up the driveway.  Ready or not, here they come.  You put on your best smile and invite people in to your home. 

They have no idea what you have been through.. How tired you are.  The day starts and the meal you have worked so hard to prepare is consumed in 30 minutes or less.  Now time to cover and put up leftovers.  Don’t forget about sending a plate of food to cousin hank that couldn’t make it due to work or illness.  What can you send the leftovers home in?  You smile and search and act like it’s no big deal while you plate up food. 

The guests are leaving.  Is the day of the host over yet?  No!  They are left with cleaning up the dishes.  Cleaning out that stubborn roaster.  With aching legs and tired muscles they push through it.  They must go on.  And they do…..

This Thanksgiving don’t forget to thank the person hosting the meal.  They don’t expect it.. In fact most love it and will do it again next year.  But on the other hand it is nice to be appreciative.  There is also a few things you can do to help. 


How can you help without taking over? 

Make things easier. 

If you know you are bringing an extra person with you, call ahead of time and warn the person hosting.

Try and show up close to the time you are invited. 

Bring things you know that might be needed.  Pick up paper plates, plastic bowls for leftovers (especially if you are taking something home with you)

Make up a lil basket of items that shows the hostess you appreciate them..  Add things in it like spices and aluminum foil.  Or go another route and bring a pair of fuzzy socks, bubble bath so they can relax after it’s all said and done.

Sometimes the little things can make a big difference. 


Can you relate to anything in this post from past

experiences?  Do you have any ideas on what could help

the host/hostess?  If so share them in the comments




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