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How to Lift, Cleanse & Exfoliate your face

How to Lift, Cleanse & Exfoliate your face





Last week I turned the big 44.  It was a day like any other.  Or was it?  On that day I decided to sleep late and that I did!  As I woke up and started preparing for the day, I eventually made my way to my makeup table.  Somehow the mirror was swiveled to the magnifying side of the glass.  My eyes went immediately to all the fine lines around my mouth.  Lines I didn’t realize was even there!  I swiveled the mirror around.  Looked at my reflection & said “Happy Birthday to you”.

I could’ve got depressed.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t cry when I hit 40, I won’t cry if I hit 50.  To me I am still a young woman and age has always been and always will just be a number.  I think we are as young as we feel and that really differs on me from day to day. 

I didn’t like seeing the lines at all.  My only thoughts were was that I wish I would’ve found some of the creams and beauty products when I was 20 that I have found after I hit 40.  I may have prevented some of the lines.  But I didn’t and all I can do is go one day at a time.

As I reached for the first item on my beauty table, I smiled knowing that when I hit 80 I will have done all I could to get there.

The first item I reached for was something called a lift bar pro. 


The lift bar professional was a item sent to me to review and I loved it from the first time I tried it.

This item serves 3 purposes:  Lift, cleanse & exfoliate.

In the box you will find a very cute and sophisticated bar.  This bar will serve several purposes. You will also find 2 attachments – a brush and a pumas stone.

The first thing you will do is put a AA battery in the handle of the gold  bar.  You will also find 2 attachable heads.

One a brush, about the softness of a baby brush.  This is to pull out grime and all that fun stuff from your pores

Then you will also find a pumas stone head. This is used to exfoliate.


Once the battery is in, turn the handle (where you placed the battery).  You will feel a nice vibration.  Take the tbar, and roll it up and down your face.  Let the vibration work on your bags under your eyes.  Fine lines.

Then turn that bar around and let the side of the tbar massage your temples.  Run it over small spots, blemishes and acne!

After you are done doing this.  You will attach the brush head to the tbar.  Run this around your face 3 to 4 minutes.  You will find out this soft wonderful feeling action, is going to remove dirt and grime that accumulates on your face.

Lastly you are going to change the brush head for the pumas head.  This head is not harsh on your face and will exfoliate as well as feel good!

I have been using this lift bar at least once but sometimes twice a day. It feels great and I know it is good for my face. 

This is one of my most favorite review items to date.  You can see it up close and personal on this short you tube video I put together.  Forgive the shakiness in the video.  I don’t do a lot of videos, but as time progresses you may be  hearing and seeing me more in that direction!

Disclaimer:  I was sent this in exchange for sharing my unbiased thoughts and opinions of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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