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Lifes' A Beach- Enjoy The Waves

Lifes’ A Beach- Enjoy The Waves


What does perfect mean to you?  To me it would be sitting on the beach, cool breeze blowing through my hair & a Sangria in my hand.  The weather would be perfect and everybody I loved would be near.  We all know that life isn’t always going to be perfect.  Chances are the sun is going to come down and melt the ice in my sangria and I am going to end up with a terrible sunburn.  That is what we call life.  That is also why we have to either Keep Calm and enjoy the waves, or just give up and totally lose it.

I was sitting here thinking about things that I am aware of that is the main root of the stress most people deal with on a daily basis.


  If there was more to go around wouldn’t life be grand?  The more we work, the more we have to pay.  It seems like we can’t get ahead.  There is little left to really enjoy life.  So what do we do about it?  I mean, we have to have money to live –  We have to get our priorities straight.  First comes bills and then comes Fun.  There is so many things we can do without needing a lot of money.  It may not be going out to a movie and eating out.  There is numerous things we can do for no money at all-  Pack a few sandwiches and head to the park.  Pull out the board games and invite friends over.  Spending time with family and friends is priceless!


This one is a hard one.  How do we deal when we are sick or a loved one is sick.  That right there is something that is rough and I don’t know if there is a cure for the worry.  I rather be sick or hurting then to see the ones I care about dealing with that.  Sometimes there is no answer. On the flipside, I worry so much all the time about my weight but then always fall into the same routine.  That I can change.  I need to let go of the excuses on why I had to eat the fried chicken or birthday cake and get serious.  That is a worry I can change.  Sometimes we just have to look inside ourselves and find out if we are bringing this on ourselves and do something about it.


  While I don’t have children, I know several people that do.  It seems like every mother on social media has started a countdown of some sort until school starts back up.  It usually starts with “I love my children BUT-“ haha  I always have to giggle when I see that.   There is no cure for these adorable little things that always seem to want something different then what we offer them.  I have always heard, “if you can’t beat em join em”  SO maybe you should kick off your shoes, build a fort in the middle of your living room.. Laugh loud and have fun!

Just Breathe
Take things as they come
There is always a rainbow after the storm
there is no problem that can’t be fixed
Everything isn’t always going to go the way we want them to, but everything happens for a reason…
Just enjoy the waves!

How Do you Enjoy The Waves?

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