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Lesson Learned. - %%Shoppingwives%%

Lesson Learned.

A few days before this past Christmas we were rear ended.  Yep.  Sitting there at the traffic light, red light and whammm.  We pulled over and got out and went to see if the other driver was alright.  He was searching for insurance info he couldn’t find.  Seems he was driving his gf’s mom’s car. 

Here is where we made our mistake.  He gave us an expired registration paper that had the owner of the cars name and address.  He told us to go get an estimate, give him a call and he would take care of it.  We didn’t call the cops.  Didn’t make a report. 

John drove straight to the garage and got the estimate.  Called the “boy”.  “Boy”  talked to John on phone and agreed to pay the money.  Couple hrs later  we get a call from police dept.  Mr. Boy (boys dad) thought we weren’t on the up and up and reported us.  We gave the cop our info and arranged a meeting to meet the boy at the police station to take care of this…  After talking to the cop boy calls us saying he can’t be there at 11 a.m.  meet him at noon.  Sure.  Like we trust him now. 

We get there at 11 am. surprise surprise him and a friend of his is there at 11.  Almost made it look like they were setting us up to appear as no shows.  The officer we talked to wasn’t going to be there until 3 so another officer suggested we come back at 3 pm.  We spent 4 hrs in the area finding things to do locally and then went back to the police department.

We each told our side.  Boy agreed we were sitting still. He agreed he hit us.  Officer told him didn’t matter what happened he was responsible.  We filled out police reports (which we should’ve done when it happened).  Then we gave Boy the option.  Pay us there or call us back with insurance info.  He decided to give us insurance info.  Even after the cop tells him “ he had to be insured on the car he was driving”.  He told him to go home, get the info and call us with the policy. 

Boy called us a day or so later with policy number.  Too bad it wasn’t the right number.  We took it to our insurance company and they said it wasn’t correct.  John called the officer we dealt with before and said he should call Boy back for right number.  We tried and tried. No answer.  Finally we were able to leave voice mail. 

That night boys dad calls us.  He said he was waiting for papers to be mailed to him (estimate) after he reviewed them he would work on arranging resolving the matter.. At least after he let John know he was in service and was security guard blah blah blah.  I seen mall cop LOL.  With all due respect, I don’t see what that had to do with the price of tators.


John gets a call a couple nights ago and it’s boys dad yet again.  He got the papers but hadn’t reviewed them, he was at hospital or something.. He would review then pay. 

Last night we get a voice mail from boys dad. Ordering us to be at police department at 3 pm on Tuesday.  He was going to talk to 3 cops (he?) was in contact with.  We only talked to one cop and he wasn’t there.. If they didn’t have to investigate he would resolve the matter that day.

I was seeing stars!  I couldn’t sleep.  My stomach was a nervous wreck last night.  I called the police department at midnight to find out what we should do.  The officer we dealt with had already left so I was lucky enough to get in touch with him at 3 today.

I told him what was going on and he left a msg on boys dads phone telling him we needed a insurance number and to find out what is going on. 

He says if they can’t come up with a number our next step would be to go to the county attorneys office and file charges against boy for not having insurance. 

We didn’t do anything but try to be civil and the guilty ones couldn’t  do anything but make us feel like we did something wrong. 

Let this be a lesson.  Always Always call a cop at any accident! No matter how minor you think it may be or what the other party is saying to you.  Ours cost us $761.00 for a new bumper.  If we don’t get this resolved it will be out of our own pockets.  Lesson learned. 


4 Responses to Lesson Learned.

  • Anna says:

    That sounds like such a debacle!! I’m so sorry you had to go through that, and right before Christmas too 🙁

    We got rear ended this month. The girl thought our lights went green to turn right (we live in Australia so drive on the other side of the road :P) but it only went green for the people going straight and was still red for us. She accelerated behind me and hit me. Luckily she knew she was responsible and had insurance. It’s going to take 5 days for them to inspect and repair our bumper and our insurance doesnt cover a hire car. Luckily for us her insurance has to pay for a hire car for us because she was responsible.

    I thought our situation was a big hassle but it is NOTHING compared to what you had to go through. I can’t stand irresponsible drivers!
    Anna recently posted…Sassy n Smokin’My Profile

  • I am glad yours went easy and everything worked out for you Anna. This incident of ours has been such a stressful situation for me. Hopefully we will have it resolved soon.

  • Sheri says:

    The nerve of some people. I know you must be so frustrated! Hopefully you were not injured. My car has been hit 3 times… all while I wasn’t even in it! It’s been hit every 6 months since I bought it, lol.
    Sheri recently posted…The month is half over, have you kept your New Year resolutions?My Profile

  • We are beginning to think this van is bad luck Sheri! LoL glad you haven’t been in your car and hurt when the accidents happen!
    Kysweetheart2007 recently posted…Lesson Learned.My Profile

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