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Larosa's Pizza n more! - %%Shoppingwives%%

Larosa’s Pizza n more!

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?  C’mon, you know you have one!  

Yesterday John and I decided to have pizza for lunch and so we went to Larosa’s.  We have tried different places but it seems we always end back up at Larosa’s.  

We always get the Hawaiin Deluxe and to make it more healthy, NOT, we substitute the bananna peppers for sausage.  

Sadly I didn’t get a picture of it, but trust me they were really generous with the ham,sausage,pepperonis & pineapples!  

We have been there in the past and what I like most about it is the variety of things you can choose from on the menu.  Anything from pasta to hoagies, soups, salads,calzones, starters.  Great choices for children  and YES they even have alcohol!  

If you go to their website you can find the menu, nutrition info and if you know you are going ahead of time you can even print off coupons.  Go to www.larosas.com  find your location on the map and see what you think!  

I went to the one in Dry Ridge, Ky. which is about 2 years old.   
They have the bar area seperate from the other areas.  They have plenty of booths and tables …Tv’s on the walls (in bar area) so during your favorite sport season you can hang out there and watch your favorite games.  
There is also a game room for the children and the kids at heart people.

Most of the staff is excellent and friendly.  I did however have a problem with the hostess.  Let me tell you about it.  

John and I went in and asked for a booth.  She heard John’s accent and we proceeded to tell her he was from Europe.  She said she would like to visit Europe before she joined the airforce after she graduated.  We sat down and before the  pizza arrived she came to the table to talk of Europe and as John was talking she asked which goverment he preferred.  Before he really had a chance to speak she started in on her choice for president in the upcoming election and really began to trash the opposing president.  John and I don’t follow politics but have our preference.  We may discuss it with each other but that’s our business.  We basically sit there nodded and hoped she would go away.  Finally the pizza arrived and she left.  I just felt that was very unprofessional and looked bad on the company.  Not because of who she wanted to win the election (she wasn’t even voting age) BUT because  of bringing that up to customers to begin with..  It was really an awkward experience.

This one incident will not stop us from going back.  Now if everytime we went there this happened then I wouldn’t feel comfortable in that enviroment.   The pro’s really outweigh the cons.. Especially the fact that with the nutrition info right out there in the open I can eat there and still control my calories for the day.

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