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Kids online learning tool

Kids online learning tool




I was invited to try out a site called W3kids.com.   I thought on it a few days and then decided I would like to look more into it.  My Niece & Nephew are home schooled.  I thought this might be something fun for them to do as a fun exercise. 

I agreed to do the review and went to the site. 

My first impression was cute.  They have it all fixed up with cute animals riding bikes, scooters and other items.  Some of the Disney like characters are 3d.  The colors are cute and the font is bold. 

Both sides of the site has tabs that lets you choose what subject you would like to work on.

You will find all 3 R’s there (Reading, Riting & Rithmatic).  You will also find things like coloring and puzzles. 


These site teaches the basics while also teaching children the use of technology, something we all should know a little about in todays world. 

The site was developed by tech geek parents and an elementary school teacher.  They focus on keeping kids focused and having fun as opposed to growing bored by standard books. 

I noticed before reading, that the site was more focused on younger children.  They say ages 2-10.  All children are different and at different levels.  Personally it was too young for my niece and my 8 year old nephew was just okay with it.  He is at a higher level then some of the questions/problems and reading was. 

I would have liked to have been a part of this when he was younger because I think this is the perfect site for parents to start using with their children early on, even preschool.


You do have to subscribe to use this website.  One month will cost you $4.95 while 3 years will be $71.95 which makes that $1.99 a month and actually 50% off .  I think that is a great deal if you look at the cost.  I do have one main concern.  That is the quality and quantity of the material on the site.  I was given a 1 month membership to see what a member would receive.  I wasn’t able to go into another month to see if new material was added monthly.  New books, New coloring pages etc.   If they do then it would be worth it, especially if you have a 3 year old that can work until they are 6.  If they don’t I think a child will get bored doing same things over and over.

My suggestion to anyone considering starting their membership, would be to subscribe for the one month so they could judge for themselves.  If they liked it then I would go for a longer subscription.  Too bad they didn’t off a free trial, maybe that is something they will do in the future?

Overall I think it is a cute site, with a great goal in mind.  Anything educational and making education fun is okay in my book! 

Disclaimer:  I was able to review this website for a month before writing this post sharing my opinions about it.  All opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours.



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