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How to keep your sheets on the bed

How to keep your sheets on the bed

I just wonder….  I wonder if Donna Reed ever had any problem when it came to making her bed.   Don’t know who Donna Reed is?  In case you didn’t she was the typical 50’s tv show housewife.  She vacuumed in her best clothes, including pearls.  Everything in her house was perfect. 

Most tv families are perfect, or at least they were until Roseanne hit the air. 

But this post isn’t about television shows.


It is about bed sheets.  Or how to keep bed sheets on the bed.  Have you ever cleaned your room, put on fresh sheets and the moment you crawl into bed you almost get hit in the head with the corner of the sheet?  I have and it is aggravating!

They do have things that will hold those sheets on and will make your life so much easier!  John and I have had some smaller ones in the past that has worked decently.  But we never had any of the ones I want to tell you about in this post.

The ones I want to talk about here are the Click L.  These are a Unique Patent Bed sheet Mattress holder. 

These are large plastic L shape things that go on each corner of your mattress.  The bottle of the L scoots under the mattress.  Once the bed is made you can’t see them.  Your sheets stay on nicely.

How do you use them?


1. First time use, lift the mattress and placed the Clickl under the mattress (in the 4 bed corners).
2. Put the sheet onto the mattress. Place the Clickl between the mattress and the sheet over the Clickl.now the Clickl between the sheet and the mattress.
3. Insert the Clickl push-button into the Clickl slot, through the wider part of the notch,so that the corner of the sheet is secured between the cup and the fixed part of the Clickl. Slide the cup up towards the narrow part of the notch until it clicks.
4. Repeat the steps above for the other three corners of the mattress. That’s it. The sheet fits snugly and won’t slide off the mattress.

Since we have been using these, the sheets stay on nicely.  Some reviews I have read had reviewers complaining that they get poked in the leg when they hit them.  Be sure and don’t sit on the corners of the bed.  Other then that, I think they are great and have worked for us.


Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of them.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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