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It has been a busy couple of weeks. - %%Shoppingwives%%

It has been a busy couple of weeks.

This Shopping Wife has officially made it through yet another Holiday Season.


On December 12th John and I made our way to Panama City so we could fly to Kentucky and surprise the family early.  We decided to spend the night in Panama City and leave for the airport early the next morning.  At 5 am we were up and out and managed to make it to the airport at  7:40 – our flight was at 8:40.   We would’ve been there sooner but traffic was that bad.

We normally fly Delta and never have any problems with them.  This time we were VERY disappointed with them and will be reconsidering who we fly with for the upcoming trips.  When we got to the check in desk we were told we were 5 minutes late and we couldn’t fly that day.  The next flight was going to be the next morning and as a penalty we had to pay an extra $300.00.  What could we do?  We paid it and stayed over in Panama City an extra night.

The next morning we made sure to be standing in line when check in began and were on that flight and was in Cincinnati by 5:30.  It felt good to be home, it didn’t feel  good to leave a climate that was 90 degrees and come to one that was 36 degrees.


We picked up our rental car and our first stop was to surprise my sister and her family.  I think I succeeded and they seemed happy to see me. I had 3 months of hugs to get from Makayla and Elijah and I enjoyed them all. 

Our next stop was to surprise my mom.  She seemed happy to see me but she doesn’t really show as much emotion and she hasn’t been feeling well. 

While I was glad to see everyone I was even more glad to make it to my house- my couch- my bed.  I came in and realized that cats show unconditional love, because after 3 months they were staring us down an coming for cuddles.  I have to admit I fell over on the couch and went to sleep very early.

While we were gone everything was supposed to be running smooth but some things you just don’t find out until you get home.  The fact that the internet/cable company cancelled their seasonal plans and failed to inform us was one of those things.  Instead of notifying us, they cut off the internet.  So our first stop was the cable office the next day.  Once we got it settled we found out it was going to take a week to get it going again.

I went with it though and threw myself into doing a  lot of Christmas Shopping and doing things that I have missed doing while in Panama.  One thing I have failed to do is update the website.  I do have so many items that I have been reviewing and even a few giveaways to share on here very soon.


Right now we are in our last days here before we go back to Panama.  I am deciding what I want to take, what I want to leave.  We are also getting to spend part of our time here fixing our home and garage a bit harder for intruders to get into.  Yes, we did have one person break in our garage while we were gone and took a few items.  It had to be someone that we know – regardless.  We now have not only an alarm system set up on the garage (as we already had in the house) but some really good cameras – and maybe even a few other surprises for these people.

Yes. I have been missing in action, but just watch out.  2014 is going to be full of more reviews, tips, suggestions, lists, humor, giveaways and a lot more!  Stay tuned!



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