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Instagram with The #Cube

Instagram with The #Cube

cube logo

As with everything else, social media has evolved over the years.  There is so many different platforms and I belong to most of them.  Do you?  One of these social media outlets that I have seen really become more popular in just the last year or 2 is Instagram.  I have even found myself sharing several more pictures through there.

  If you have a smart phone you should really start an account.  It is free and you can really stay in touch with friends and family – by not only sharing what is going on in your world.  But seeing what is going on in everybody else’s worlds.

I have had the opportunity to try out something that has made my Instagram infatuation even more pleasant.  It is something called a #Cube.

What is the Cube?

It is a square box that comes in 3 different colors.  Black, White or Classic.  The classic is Black at the top, silver at the bottom and then has red, yellow, green and blue stripes. That is the one I have.


So what can you do with the Cube?

A Lot!

You can do everything on Instagram with the Cube as you can with your cell phone.  Including browsing and liking pictures.  But there is a lot more.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.  Let’s go to the beginning.  That is setting it up.  If you already have an account you will be able to sign in, if you don’t have an account you will be able to sign up.  All you need is wifi.  It will automatically find your wifi for you so this is possible.  Once you are signed in you can look at your feed which includes anything your friends are posting.  You can scroll with your finger or it will move automatically.  Tap the screen and you can hit the heart to like a photo.

There is different options to what you can stream.  You can stream your friends feed, your own feed, popular feed, things you like feed.  But there is yet more and this is what I liked the most.  You can search something like shelties or cats and all that will come up in your feed is what you searched for.    This makes it a great conversation piece!  For example, you have company coming over to watch the big game.  You may want to search SuperBowl or Football or something to go along with the theme of your event.  Then sit the Cube on a shelf and it will continue to stream anything related to the superbowl. 

There is so many things you can do!  Foodies may enjoy looking at the food pictures.  People freezing in the snowy winter may like to type in sunny beaches or something tropical. 


To sum it up.  The features of the Cube are:

Staying socially connected

Enjoy real-time photos from your friends, family, photographers, & favorite celebrities on your social networks anytime, all the time.

It is in Real time & Instant

#Cube requires zero attention. It automatically & continuously
delivers a real-time stream of photos & video clips for you to enjoy.

Touch display

Free your viewing experience from the confines of a smart device. Pinch for a 4×4 image tile view or swipe to view the back of the photo for extra content.

Favorite button

A dedicated “favorite” button on the top makes it fun to tag & save your photos & videos.

Portable & Wireless

Showcase your photos anywhere you want. #Cube is rechargeable & has built-in Wi-Fi.

Smart & Updateable!

#Cube gets better with free wireless software updates that enable new features & application support.

Are you ready to own your own or purchase one for someone else?  Just a suggestion, Valentines Day is right around the corner and this would be great to give that special person in your life!

From NOW until 3/31/2015 you can save $15.00 by going to:


and entering the code: CUBE121

at the checkout.


disclaimer:  I received a product free of charge from the company before writing this review.  I only post what I believe in and all opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours

Do you Instagram?  I would LOVE to follow you!  If you do leave your name in the Comments and I will look you up!

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