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If you don't start watching your weight now, you will hate yourself later

If you don’t start watching your weight now, you will hate yourself later


A majority of people, myself included, want to start the new year off right.  So we make it our resolution to “lose weight”.  Some people succeed, others of us do well a couple days, couple weeks and then we give in to that birthday cake or similar evil and that’s all she wrote. 

Holidays can be the worst with all the food in our faces.  There is an over abundant supply of savory foods such as  the turkey and ham and all the trimmings to the sweet goodies.  Goodies like cookies, candy, cakes and pies.  There is no getting around these things.  They are out there looking at us

While we can’t resist Aunt Sally’s famous homemade fruit cake (or can we?).  What we can do is eat that fruitcake and everything else in moderation.  We can start the day off on the right foot.  We can try to eat as healthy as we can during this holiday season RIGHT NOW.  No, not on the 1st.  But starting December the 17th! 

If you are one of the people that always starts on the first and falls off by the 31st, don’t you think it is time to change something up?  Just small changes can make you not regret the holiday season.  A sad fact is that when we do do the new years resolution thing, the most we lose is the 10 lbs we in fact gained from November to January. 


How do we make these changes?

For me I start each day off with a Protein Shake.  If I am out visiting and someone offers me potato candy or a buckeye, sure I am going to take it.  Tis the season right?  But isn’t it better to have a protein shake and a piece of candy, instead of bacon and eggs and a piece of candy?  It is just small changes that is very doable. 

What are some other things you can do?

  • At lunch trade in that cheeseburger for a salad.
  • If you are a big meat eater, try substituting your greasy sandwich for chicken, tuna, fish or turkey
  • if you have to have a sandwich try using mustard instead of other great condiments. 
  • Only use half of the bun

Just these small changes daily will make you happier come the 1st instead of the feeling of regret that people sometimes face. 

It isn’t all about the food we eat either.  It is about moving a round.  Getting the right amount of exercise.  Ewwww yes, I said that word!  It doesn’t have to be going to the gym or running on that treadmill at home either.  There is all kinds of fun things we can do that we don’t even think of as exercise. 

Things like:

  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Go outside with your camera and get some shots of the season, you will forget your even moving.
  • Take the steps instead of the elevator
  • park farther away from the office (don’t take the space closest to the building)
  • Dance around the house.
  • Go up and down your steps during commercials of your favorite show

The object is to just move as much as you can.  Any movement will be great for you.

Just remember the rule, “Calories in – Calories out”.

Be sure your drinking plenty of water, not so much pop – and get your sleep! at least 8 hours. 

We don’t have to be obsessed or feel guilty, but we can get a kickstart in creating that healthy us we want to be so bad before the first is even here! 

Do you have any fun ways to exercise or eating tips?


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