Hug Your Children, In memory of the lives lost in Sandy Hook 2012

After the events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut today, it is really making it hard for me to focus on daily activities.  I think of those little children no older then my niece & nephew  that lost their lives.  I think about it being less then 2 weeks until Christmas.  What will their family be going through.  I woke up this morning and made my nephew a doctor appointment and at 9:30 I was with him & his mommy taking him to the doctor.  My sister was able to take her little boy home.  To hug him tightly and to resume her usual day.  To hug her daughter when she got off the school bus.  Tonight to listen to them complain about what she is on their dinner plate.  To listen to their Christmas list again with each time another item added to it.  Then tonight to tuck them into bed.  And after a couple drinks and trips to the potty to finally see them sleeping.  These families probably woke up this morning and thought they would be doing all these same things. 

As I buy my niece & nephew Christmas presents and am excited to finally see their faces when they open them, someone else woke up this morning and thought about their son, daughter, niece or nephew and how they would react when they gave them a toy or game they was really wanting.  Now these mom & dads aunts & uncles will never ever see their reactions. 

I watched the Presidents statement today and the emotion he was showing, He could barely speak as he spoke of the birthdays these children will miss, the lives they will never have. 

While I am so sad for the young lives that were destroyed today, I am sad for the principal and other adults that were killed.  Mostly my heart breaks for the people that is alive tonight and is having to try and figure out how to move forward.  How do you go on after something like this?

While we nothing we can ever do will ever repair the disaster that happened today, what we can do is hug our loved ones tight.  Always tell them you love them, don’t ever walk away with regrets.  We never know when that hug will be our last. 



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