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The Best Desk Lamp I Have Ever Seen

I remember shopping for desk lamps in the past.  Most were same lamps, different colors.  I am easily amazed and I do not care to admit it.  Each time I get a new review item that is a bit different then the normal I am used to, I sit amazed and really test out all it can do.


So, you probably have guessed by now that I received a new desk lamp.  This desk lamp isn’t boring at all.  It in fact is the next generation of desk lamps. 

Inside this lamp you will find 27 LED lights.  This will help save energy.  Especially when you compare LED lights to regular incandescent bulbs. 

This lamp does just have an on and off switch.  With this lamp you will be able to

1.  Dim it with 5 different levels.

2.  have 4 different levels of light modes

3.  use a 60 minute timer

4.  charge your USB devices with it’s USB port


The lamp is a really stylish modern piece that will fit in with just about any décor.  It is designed to where you can also rotate it and angle it to suit your needs.

This lamp is really a very sturdy lamp that is quality made.  I love mine and wouldn’t mind having a couple more for different desks through out my home.

It is available on Amazon for under $30.00.  I think that is a great price compared to the lamps in the stores and I can honestly say I have never seen any that could compare to this one while out shopping. 

By the way, this is packaged nice and safe and it is all put together.  Once you get it, the most you may have to do is stick the lamp in the base and then plug it into an electrical outlet.  There is an instruction booklet with it.  If you are anything like me, you will skip the instructions and have fun playing with it to find out the different features.


Disclaimer:  I want you to know that this was a review item.  That means that it was sent to me in exchange for me sharing only my unbiased opinion and or experiences with the item.  All thoughts and experiences are my own and may or may not be different from yours.

The perfect Garden Knife (in my opinion)

Do you have a gardener in you life?  If you are the one with the green thumb, or someone else you know does the gardening.  You may be interested in a garden knife that was sent to me.

Of course John does the gardening here, so I wanted him to have it.  I wasn’t expecting the look of it when it came in.  This garden knife came complete with a leather holster.  The handle of the knife is made of a sturdy wood and it is made on there nice so it will last.


The knife its self has easy to read numbers on the blade.  In fact it has 1”- 6” –

Not only does it come with a holster, but they also send a small knife sharpener.  If you have a larger sharpener, you may want to use it.  The one that does come with it is on the smaller side.  The serrated edge on the knife can be sharpened.  Once it is stuck in the grounds a few times the knife may become dull.  That is why there is a need for a sharpener.

They also put a little razor cutter in mine.  This was a tiny thing that comes in handy when you need to cut a string, open a box or some other small job.  I kept that for myself. 

This really is a great knife.  In fact I wished I had hid it back from John and had gave it to him on Father’s Day.  Yes, in my opinion it is gift worthy.


Here is what the company says about the knife:

  • MOST USEFUL GARDEN TOOL YOU’LL EVER BUY.It is a perfect digging tool with cutting pruning and cropping function.When used as a digging tool, it’s the perfect tool for cutting plugs in lawn type areas making it easy to replace everything back neatly. You want a digging tool to help you with non-destructive digging in parks and lawns.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE GARDEN TOOL.This hori hori gardening tool is constructed of high quality stainless steel making it great as a weed puller, a garden trowel, a garden knife, a digging tool, a garden spade, and also for Hiking, Camping,Hunting, Fishing,Metal Detecting.
  • EXTRA SHARP. Our knives are extra sharp, and even include a free sharpening whetstone to keep them that way. Our metal safety guard helps protect your hand.

  • ERGONOMIC, AESTHETIC, HIGHLY DURABLE. This garden knife looks very cool,and is truly an high quality built to last a lifetime. Knife blade extends all the way through rosewood handle to facilitate 3 pin fasteners,this improved design customized for reinforced strength.

  • GIFT DESIGNED.This is a high quality knife you’ll be proud to give. The knife which has a thick cow leather sheath is packaged in a good-looking gift box and feels expensive. Every gardener needs this knife, but most gardeners don’t have one.

Disclaimer:  I was sent the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.


How to trim your pets nails the safe way

Probably the best way to keep your beloved pets nails trimmed, would be to take them to a trusted professional groomer.  But we can’t always afford to take them to the groomers.  So what are we to do.  I tend to always have the vet do Foxy and Cleo’s when we take them in for shots.  But there is still those in between times.

I am always afraid to use regular clippers. I know there is an area you don’t want to hit, because of the vein.  I just don’t want to mess with that.

Lately I have been using a nail grinder for dogs.  The one I have been using is available on Amazon.  It is the Premium Pet Nail Grinder from Luvao.


Of course it was no easy feat using the grinder.  You have to let your dog warm up to it..  I think it is rare that you will find a dog that will place its paw up and sit content while you do its nails.  With Foxy and Cleo we had to let them smell it.  Then we had to turn it on so that they could investigate it.  After doing that for several days we were finally able to manage to get them to hold still while we did their nails.  Even after all that we still got backlash from Foxy.  He is a vocal little canine and I am so happy I don’t always know what he is saying.

As far as the grinder itself, it is really a nice one. 

  • ✔ CALM PETS: Quiet and fast so you don’t hurt your furry friend.
  • ✔ PERFECT NAILS: High-speed diamond-bit grinder. No splits – just smooth nails.
  • ✔ EASY TO HOLD: Lightweight, ergonomic design – shaped to fit your hand.
  • This works for us and this is the route we will go with our pets.


  • How do you trim your pets nails?  Have you ever used a grinder before?




  • Disclaimer:  The item discussed in this posting was sent to me in exchange for me sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Care for a cup of AgathaChrisTEA or ShakespearMINT? Loving my CollecTEAbles!


I like tea. Do you?  If you do, keep reading!  I have owned several kinds of teas before, but these teas that was sent to me was something different!!

These Collect(TEA)bles – Came in Fun varieties.  Fun varieties like:  Shakespearmint and AgathaChris Tea.  Of course shakespearmint is a mint tea and the Agatha Chris Tea is Early Grey tea. 


I know I love mine and I also know several tea drinkers that would probably love it as well.  In fact I have an older niece that collects tea pots and items such as that.  I just know she would love to be a member of collect teables. 

Each month they will release a new variety.  They will use authors, philosophers or even politicians.  Each series of tea is also going to be drawn by a different artist in their uniques style.  Each series is a limited run so if you want to collect them all, you would need to subscribe. 

They also offer a tea book that you could put them in if you plan on collecting them.  If I was a regular subscriber, I would probably save one or two and drink the rest, they are too good not to enjoy!

These tea bags are great conversation starters.  They would be a great addition in coffee shops, break rooms or just your personal collection.  They are biodegradable and compostable.   And as I said they are just fun!

Right now they are on Kickstarter  But you can learn more about them by going to their website.

I really think it is a great idea and am going to keep watching the website to find out when new ones are out.  And I may eventually subscribe. 

It will be great to see what kinds they come out with next! 

Disclaimer:  I was sent the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it with you.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.


Bagy Bed can make Parents and Grandparents life easy!

While I never had any children of my own, I have been Aunt Tabby to several children over the years.  I have kept babies and children for an hour at a time all the way to over night.  Small doses of those sweet little things is fine with me. 

While most children come complete with their own personality and characteristic.  They also come with a lot of needs and material items.  Especially when it comes to a baby.  Sometimes by the time you pack and load up everything a younger child needs, your too wore out to go where you were going. 

One thing I never had the convenience of using or owning was a bagy bed.  You may want to know what a bagy bed is.  This is a brilliant item, that is actually 3 different items. 


1.  Diaper Bag

2.  Diaper Changing station

3.  Bassinet

So now you can fill the bag with all the bottles, clothes & other necessities your baby needs – and then go.  While this is perfect for families that like to do things such as camping, fishing, picnics – or just travel in general.  This would be the perfect set up for Grandparents that keep those sweet grandbabies over night. 

The outside of this is really nice and made of high quality polyester  that is going to last and be sturdy.  The inside is nothing but soft and nice for the baby. 

I didn’t mention above that this can be strapped to the back of the stroller.  While it has a nice strap, attaching it to your stroller can really save your back!

This comes with instructions on how to transform it from diaper bag, to changing matt to bassinet.  It is really easy – self explanatory. 


At first glance at it, I was kind of thrown with the price.  On Amazon they are charging $147.00 for it.  But when you think about it.. You are getting 3 items, saving a lot of time and space and actually getting an item that can be used.  In my opinion, it is well worth the price.

Here is some more info from the company:

  • REPLACE THREE ESSENTIAL BABY PRODUCTS WITH ONE – BagyBed combines a diaper bag with a diaper changing station and a travel bassinet. The perfect practical solution that makes your traveling a whole easier with your newborn!

  • EASILY CONVERTIBLE FOR HOME AND TRAVEL – BagyBed is made to use indoor and outdoor. Easily portable and folds within seconds. Can be used to replace your current changing mat at home or as an additional napper at your baby’s grandparents’ home! Enjoy the freedom and relax while your baby is comfortable and safe!

  • LARGE STORAGE COMPARTMENTS FOR ALL YOUR BABY’S ITEMS – Includes two special pockets for bottles and seven pockets for all your baby’s necessities, which are accessible when BagyBed is transformed into a bed. Comes with special stroller hanging straps to serve as your stroller organizer. From now on you will not need to carry any other bag!


  • BUILT TO LAST, HIGH QUALITY NON-TOXIC MATERIALS – Fine quality material and sewing plus a premium waterproof mattress pad. Easy to clean up, sturdy while perfectly engineered to be minimum weight, which makes it extremely convenient to take on vacation!

  • ORDER WITH PEACE OF MIND – We believe that BagyBed is a Must-Have product for parents! As parents ourselves we have put much consideration into making an ultimate product in a great selling price. We feel super confident to give you a 90 Days trial period and if you are not 100% happy you will get a complete refund

Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this post, in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Make your kitchen a Vintage Kitchen!

Are you one of the people that loves anything vintage?

I am!  That is why I was so excited when we bought our home and in the upstairs kitchen, was a Miller Vintage stove.  John and I have talked about modernizing the kitchen with an electric stove, but I don’t push the issue.  I guess it is because I am just in love with the vintage look that it offers.


That is also why I jump at the chance to accessorize with anything that looks rustic or vintage.  I seen a vintage utensil set a couple of weeks ago, and I was offered a discount in exchange for sharing about them with my readers.

This vintage set of utensils includes all the basic things you may use when cooking:

Ice Cream Scoop

Pizza Cutter


Potato peeler


Bottle opener

Cheese slicer



They are designed to look vintage.  Short fat handles colored in a vintage aqua color (one that I personally love).   They aren’t as heavy as I thought they may be when I first seen them.  But they are sturdy enough to do the job.  I use my potato peeler quite a bit and it really works great! 

It would make the perfect present as well. It comes in a cute handled box and the utensils are displayed in a tray – which makes this very giftable.

Right now I have mine stored in a drawer, but I am thinking of a nice way to display mine in the kitchen, as well as make them easily accessible to me.  They are just too cute not to be displayed!

This set is available on Amazon.  This 7 piece utensil gadget set from Vintage Kitchen costs about $24.95 and in my opinion, worth the cost.

Here is some more info from Vintage kitchen about this set:

  • ALL-IN-ONE KITCHEN GADGET SET – A carefully selected ESSENTIAL set to meet all your cooking needs. This stylish 7-piece Kitchen Gadget set will help with day-to-day food preparation including peeling, scooping, slicing, grating and opening.

  • GREAT DESIGN – Carefully crafted utensils made from quality ABS plastic which is known to be a very sturdy but lightweight plastic with a long life span. The purpose of using a lighter material is to ensure that the utensils are easy to manoeuvre. However, the quality is not compromised. Our quality ergonomic handles provide a smooth comfortable grip and still looks cute in our vintage green color with engraved logo.

  • MONEY SAVER – This quality set works out cheaper than buying individual utensils. Also made from durable material, our set will form part of your kitchen utensils collection for years!

  • FOOD SAFE – All our products are 100% FDA grade, dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

  • GREAT GIFT SET – Placed inside a gift box. This set is great as a wedding and house warming gift. Or why not treat yourself?





Disclaimer:  I did receive the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my honest unbiased opinion of it here at shopping wives.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.


How we are keeping unwanted wildlife out of our garden

While the UPS Man is a regular visitor at my home, there is some things that he delivers that John claims right away.  For example a set of solar motion sensor lights.  As soon as he seen them he knew what he wanted them for and where he wanted to put them.

These lights from InnoGear was just what he needed to put in the garden area.  He put a couple posts in the ground and mounted each light on one.


During the day these lights charge up through the sun.  At night when something comes near the garden, the lights come on and it startles wildlife that is up to no good.

They really work good.  We have went out after dark, just to make sure they were working and they came on nicely.

These solar lights have a lot of great features and would be great to have anywhere you may need light at night.

Here is more features of them from the company:

  • Upgraded Version – Bigger solar panel that much brighter & longer working hours than similar products on the market.
  • Greater PIR Sensor – Triggered range within 16 feet 120 degree angles.
  • Easy Installation: Features two keyholes in the back to easily hang the light on or off the screws.
  • IP65 Waterproof – Suitable for outdoor and no worry about being damaged by the rain.
  • 3 Working Modes – Dim to bright when motion detected; Stay off until motion detected; Off.

These lights are available on Amazon.  And in my opinion are worth the purchase.  John is extremely happy with them! 

Disclaimer:  I was sent the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of them.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

EPAuto Commercial Grade Digital Tire Inflator, 255 PSI

Even though today is officially Mother’s Day, I want to tell you about an early Fathers Day gift John received.  It is a #DigitalTireInflator.  He was so happy with it when it came in that I had to tell him Happy Fathers Day! 


Just looking at it and not knowing anything about the company and what they claimed this inflator did, he told me it was a very nice one.  He could hardly believe that it was available for $29.87 on Amazon!

This is a commercial grade item and you will need access to an air compressor. 

He has used it several times in the last couple of weeks and it seems to be accurate and the heavy steel construction is holding up well.   He told me to be sure and tell everyone when I wrote my review, that is well worth the price that is being charged for it.


Here is more about it from the company:

EPAuto Digital Tire Inflator with Hose

• The left yellow button is the power button.

• The right yellow button displays the measurement (PSI, BAR, KGF, KPA)

• The barometric pressure will display in 2 seconds once it is aerated.

• Features LCD back light on power button. Auto shut off in 15 seconds.

• Two position lever:

     – 1st position: deflates (press the trigger half way down)

     – 2nd position: inflates (press the trigger all the way down)


Overall I think this is well worth the purchase in my unbiased opinion!

Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my opinion.  All opinions are my own and may or may differ from yours.


Sturdy Metal flag stand.

Are you looking for something to make your yard stand out this summer?  If you are then, you need to read on.  I was sent this cute sturdy metal flag stand with the American Flag on it. 

This stand is 32 inches tall and about 15 inches wide.  It comes in 3 parts and while John normally opens my boxes, I opened this one and decided to put it on together.  I didn’t even need instructions.  It was as simple as screwing the poles together and sliding the double sided American flag on it.


It seems to be very sturdy and will be a great addition to my flower garden this summer.  It will also be perfect for 4th of July.  If you are one that enjoys having big celebrations, this would be a great decoration for that occasion.  Me- I will leave mine out all spring and summer long.

I love the fact that the flag is made out of a good material.  It is stitched together nicely and doesn’t rip.  It is also machine washable.  The pole is weatherproof so it can stand snow, rain or whatever else mother nature may throw at it.

I think this kit is worth the $14.97 they are charging on Amazon for it.  You can read more about it HERE

Disclaimer: The item discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for me sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Help Your Kids Get A Winning Smile In 5 Easy Steps


Kids are usually so smiley and happy! They love flashing their pearly whites at the camera or when they are laughing. If their teeth aren’t so pearly white, they may become self-conscious and hide their smile as much as possible. It’s super easy to help your kids keep their teeth in the best possible condition. Just follow these five easy steps!

Cut Down On Sugar

Not only does sugary food increase the chance of obesity, but it can also play havoc with teeth. Especially young teeth! By cutting down on sugary snacks and sweets, you’ll be preventing a lot of unnecessary tooth decay and toothache. Kids can still eat things like chocolate and candies, but not so often and not in large amounts. If they get hungry in between meals, give them a healthy snack instead of something sugar. Snacks such as bananas and carrot sticks are some very nutritious options that won’t damage teeth.

Regular Brushing

You need to start brushing a child’s teeth as soon as they get their first milk one. This is usually around the six-months mark. You don’t need to buy a special children’s brand of toothpaste. Sometimes, these child-specific brands don’t contain enough fluoride to help protect the teeth. When you are shopping for toothpaste, look for one with 1,350-1,500 ppm to use on your child’s teeth. Once their adult teeth come through, they can use an electric toothbrush.

Visit Your Dentist

It is very important to take your child with you when you visit your dentist. Even if they aren’t yet old enough for their very own checkup. This will get them used to the dentist, so they know what to expect when it is their turn! Your dentist will be able to see if there are any potential problems with the development of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw. They can also treat any problems your child may have, such as cavities and plaque.


Dental Treatments

Your dentist can even treat your child’s teeth so they are better protected against plaque and cavities. One common treatment is pits and fissure sealants. This involves a painless process in which the dentist paints the child’s teeth with a sealant. This then forms a hard coating over the teeth so that no food or germs can get in between them and cause decay. This is usually only applied to the back teeth, which often have natural grooves in them.

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

There are also small changes you can make to your lifestyle to help with your children’s teeth. Sticking to a healthy and nutritious diet helps you to reduce the amount of sugar that they eat. They will also be less likely to eat foods that stain their teeth. As they grow older, teach them the benefits of not smoking and drinking too much alcohol. These are also activities that can seriously damage teeth.

So start looking after your children’s teeth today. It’ll give all your family a reason to smile and flash your fantastic gnashers!


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