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Home from Bloggy BootCamp!

What  an exciting weekend I had!



As you may remember, I attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix, Arizona.   What is Bloggy Boot Camp?  The one I attended this weekend was held by the SITS Girls.  BBC is basically a conference full of all kinds of bloggers.  Young and old, Beginners and up.  It was 2 days filled with awesome speakers that loved sharing their knowledge on things they loved to do. 

Things such as:

Laws and disclosures.  I wanted to hear about this especially because I don’t want to steer my faithful readers (YOU) wrong.  I review a lot of items that I receive for free in exchange for telling you all about them.  I think it is only fair to say “Hey I received this product in exchange for my honest opinions on it”.  Then you can know when reading on, that I didn’t go out and pay money for the item, but received it free.  I promise you though, when I write a review on something I am not going to make it up.

  If I am anything it is honest.  I will not mislead someone for a free tube of lipstick or tub of yogurt.  You all have read my posts though right?  I couldn’t make some of this stuff up! haha  Seriously, though.  If I tell you an experience with a product wether I buy it or it is sent to me, it is going to be a real experience and the truth.  That is what companies want. 

Google +:   I loved the talk on Google +  …I knew that it was becoming a popular place to be, but the lady really gave us some great tips on things we need to do.   I have had an account there for a little while now.  I have went there in spurts.  This talk honestly gave me the motivation I needed to concentrate more in that area of social media.  If I am not in your circle please add me, also comment me with your account and I will definitely add you to my account!

That is only a couple things!  This event lasted Friday night all the way until Saturday night (a little sleep in between).  If I told you everything that happened I would have to write a book!  The best way for you to know it to attend one yourself.

I also learned a lot outside of the conference.  I learned more about myself. 

  • I learned to be proud of who I am.  Yes, I have a lot to work on.  Not outside things.  You know about those.  I do know I need to work on my attitude towards myself.  To quit being so insecure. 
  • I am a people pleaser.  I don’t like conflict.  I think being a people pleaser is great, but sometimes it isn’t always being fair to myself.  More then once I have seen the same pattern.  I hold myself back to please someone else, then after all is said and done I have regrets.  I don’t like regrets. 

All in all this was a great conference and so worth the time, exhaustion & money.  While everyone was wonderful, I felt I made a few great connections with other bloggers.  I can’t wait to attend the next one! 

Thanks to Mirrasou wine, Collective Bias & Invisalign for sponsoring.  Thanks to @TiffanyRom and @FranBanducci for putting it all together.  Thanks to the wonderful women that made me feel a part of the conference and to the Zona Hotel for giving me a wonderful view of the pool!  If you are in Arizona and love spending time outdoors, It is beautiful there!



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