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Here's Where I Look For Hard-To-Find Gifts

Here’s Where I Look For Hard-To-Find Gifts

Birthdays and anniversaries are two examples of where you might need to give gifts to loved ones. The trouble is; some people are just hard to buy presents for! You know the type of people I’m talking about; the ones that “have it all.” They’re also the people that offer no clues to what they might want!

As you can imagine, thinking of the perfect gift idea can sometimes be a nightmare. It can even be a stressful experience for the gift-giver! I should know; I’ve been in that situation many a time.

Are you stuck for ideas on what to give your loved ones? Sometimes a hard-to-find gift is a way forward, believe it or not! Here are some examples of places where you can search for gift ideas that aren’t readily available:


Auction sites

Let’s say that you’ve got a loved one that is an avid comic book collector. Sure, you could buy the latest copy of something from your local comic book store. But what if they are only interested in classic comics. You know, ones that are twenty or thirty years old, for instance?

If they’ve given you a hint of what they’d like as a gift, auction sites are good places to start. You’ll find a wealth of collectible items sold at such establishments. One of my favorites is Pristine Auction. That’s because they have hard-to-find products on offer from a variety of categories.

Of course, you shouldn’t ignore good old eBay! It might surprise you to learn just what collectibles get sold on there too!

Vintage and retro stores

Sometimes you might have to step away from your computer and visit retail stores to get what you want, unless you are technology geek and looking for best way to buy Microsoft Excel of latest version. If you live near a major city, I recommend checking out some vintage and retro shops. They ALWAYS have a plethora of hard-to-find items for sale!

From clothes to computers, and ornaments to oboes. You’re bound to find what you’re looking for in a vintage or retro store near you.

Flea markets

Now these are places that I love to visit, even if I’m not buying a gift for a loved one! In case you’ve never been to one before, flea markets are bazaars where all kinds of items get sold. Many of them sell inexpensive items and are useful if you’re short on cash.

Some flea markets specialize in vintage and collectible antiques. If there’s a particular thing in mind that you need to find, check out your local flea markets. That’s because they are highly likely to have them on offer!


Believe it or not, you might get the thing you want for free! Websites like Freecycle allow people to offer physical items to others for no money. They do so because they just want rid of something, like an item of furniture. People offer items for free on the proviso they don’t get sold onwards.

Freecycle and other sites like it have all kinds of items on offer. Be sure to check the listings several times a day. Why? Because things get snapped up quickly as you can imagine!

Thanks for reading today’s article. I hope you enjoyed it!

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