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Healthy Steps

Healthy Steps


Disclaimer: I received free products before writing this post.  I wasn’t required to write a positive reviews and all opinions are 100% my own and my differ from yours.

I have been playing this weight game for so many years now and I swear it just isn’t funny anymore.  I know enough tips and hints and recipes and rules, I know enough of what I should have- and what I shouldn’t.  Enough  to write a book.

  I have promised family, I have promised friends, I have swore to strangers randomly that I am making a healthy changes in my life.  Everytime I found a new exercise program I would get hyped up.  Every time a new pill or chemical came out I tried it.

I have went to the point of having surgery to lose weight.  Not many people know that, I just haven’t put it out there before.  But as usual I have found a way around that. 

I recently have found a great company that doesn’t offer all these gimmicks or make promises.  They provide tools to make you more aware of what you putting into your body.  This company is called, Healthy Steps.

What they offer is high quality portion control tools that help make you more aware when you are cooking or eating.  You don’t have to measure with this, you don’t count calories, you aren’t on a diet. 

They was very generous and sent me several products to try.

Products such as this 5 piece set:


This set includes:

  • Portion Control Protein Server
  • Portion Control Starch Server
  • Portion Control Veggie Server
  • Portion Control Pasta Server
  • Portion Control Ladle Server
  • FREE GIFT INCLUDED – Portion Control Dressing Lid
  • Plus Free Guide to Portion Control

These tools are a must have.  As I said earlier they are high quality.  They are dishwasher safe and I love that.  But what I love and what you may not be able to see in that picture, is the fact that inside each tool is measuring lines. 


Excuse the flash on the picture, I just wanted you to see how Healthy Steps helps make it easy for us to stay in control or more importantly be aware.

I was also sent this pasta basket.  It makes measuring out pasta just easy.  Either pour macaroni or any type of that pasta in the basket, if you are doing longer pasta you can use the hole in the handle to measure out your portion.

You actually sit this basket in the boiling water and when its done remove.  Makes it super easy!


Want some cheese on your pasta?  Try using this grater that allows you to grate up to 2 servings of cheese.  Just look at the lines on the container.  Cheese is something I have trouble with and this makes it easy for me not to go overboard with.

One of the first things I used to do when going on a “diet” was to grab a salad.  Then not only would I add all the good eggs and cheese, I would add dressing.  Was I shocked when more and more places revealed that there is more calories and fat in a salad then there are in some of the fast food sandwiches out there.  That is why I liked the idea of this Dressing Cruet I was sent.  With it was recipes for 3 different recipe ideas and I could prepare up to a cup at a time!


As with the others it helps you stay in control of what you use.  Sit the item on a flat service and squeeze. When the chamber in the top is full that is one serving.  Easy peasy!

I am very happy with these new tools that I have.  Of course I have to get my mind in there and do my part, but with these, it makes it easier.  Anyone that has dealt or is dealing with weight issues knows that part of the problem with food addiction is being in control.  These allows you to do just that.

Please be sure and stay up to date by liking Healthy steps on Facebook.


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