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Health & Fitness

The Perfect Organizer for your essential oils

Have you got into essential oils?  You probably know that I am a big fan of them.  Once I found out the benefits of them I was hooked!  I like to pick up a few bottles to have on hand here and there.  Between review bottles and bottles I have bought, they have accumulated.  My problem was organizing them properly. 

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a really nice essential oil box.  It is a natural looking wooden box that really looks nice.  Especially once it is full of the bottles.


BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM-MADE WOODEN ESSENTIAL OIL CASE: This essential oil carrying case (wooden box for essential oils, vial holder case) is the perfect solution to safe storage, presentation and transportation of your essential oil collection. This essential oil case is compatible with doTERRA, Young Living and Plant Therapy oils.
MADE WITH CARE: This oil case holder is made of high quality pine wood. This wooden case comes unstained or painted in the hopes that it will be customized by the owner to the owners taste. There are no big obnoxious brands stamped painted or etched into our box.
EBOOK INCLUDED: Included with your oil cases for essential oils is an eBook to get your started with essential oils.
OTHER USES: Perfect solution for e-juice storage, ecigarettes storage, vape storage

  • Presentation and Storage This box comes Plain so you can customize it to fit your needs allowing for many different options for presenting and storing your oils
  • Protect Your Oils from damaging light and keep them secure from falling off a counter or table
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee If for any reason you are not 100 % satisfied please contact us so we can make it right
  • Secure Storage Holds up to 45 (5-15 ml) Essential Oil Bottles.

This would make the perfect gift for anyone that collects any types of oils!  I would love receiving this for Christmas and it is something I would give my family for the holidays.


DISCLAIMER:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

A new way to defend yourself – MUNIO

Times just aren’t like they used to be.  I used to hear my Mom tell stories about her childhood.  Stories of children being safe walking up the road.  Talking to strangers.  Or being out after dark.  Stories of not having to watch over your shoulder – or just feeling safe. 

Now I watch the news and feel sad.  And violence is getting so close to home.  Now we have to be safe.  We have to stay alert when we are outside, even in our own front yard. 

While I am a firm believer of when getting robbed to just give them what they want.  I am also a firm believer of fighting back if it is a life or death situation.  So what can we do? 

MUNIO (moon-yo)

means “I protect” or “I defend”

There is actually something called a MUNIO.  It is a stylish plastic tool that you can put on your key ring.  It comes in a variety of designs, men- women and unisex.  While it looks cute, it can help you out in case you are being attacked.


MUNIO has added several videos that shows you exactly how to use this item.  You can watch these videos HERE

It is really as easy as holding it in your dominant hand and striking your attacker.  It will cause pain and may distract them enough to get away.

Just seeing this I know that it could really work.  I am very happy to tell you that I did NOT need to use it so far!  But I can tell you that having this makes me feel so much better.  I love going to the movies and sometimes I refrain from going at night.  It isn’t like I can carry my shot gun 🙂  But I can carry my MUNIO! 

Is this something you are interested in?  Check them out HERE.

DISCLAIMER:  I received the item discussed in this posting in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

RBX Fitness Kit for IPhone 5 + 4/4s

If I was to ask anyone that worked out, what their number one problem was, I may get several different answers.  While we all have different priorities, lives and even problems, there is one that most women would agree with.

It has to do with their phones. 

Those cute workout outfits doesn’t always come with pockets.  Even if they did, would we want to put our phones in them?

Sure, the ideal setting is to be able to power down while we worked out. We can’t all do that though.  You may have kids in school, an elderly parent or a sick spouse.  We need to be there for those people when and if they need us.  I think I may have the answer.  At least the answer to this problem was sent to me.


The answer came in the form of an RBX Fitness kit.  This one was specifically iPhone 5 & 4/4s phones.  In this kit you will find a nice arm band that your phone will fit in and stay safe as you learn new tricks on how to get fit and healthy with no worries of dropping your phone.  It is adjustable for all size arms and the velcro holds tight once it is on.  It comes in black, blue & pink.  I now own the pink one.

Not only does this hold your phone.  It has a secret compartment.  In that compartment you can put your car key or money.  Maybe even put your vitamin in there.  It also comes with a pair of ear buds that match the arm band.  I was thinking they may not be clear, but they work great.  This allows you to download your favorite workout music and listen while you exercise.

        • Perfect for any indoor or outdoor high performance activity, stay connected with your favorite tunes using the RBX Armband and Earbud Sports Bundle.
        • Made with Comfortable High Quality Neoprene, the Velcro Closure Adjusts to Fit Any Arm for Maximum Comfort
        • The Clear Window Allows You to Access Your Device While Keeping it Protected
        • Over the Ear Clips Hold the Earbuds in Place While the Cable Shirt Clip Keeps the Cable From Moving Around. The Easy To Reach Volume Controls Allow You to Stay Focused on Your Workout.




      • I feel that this kit is worth the $9.37 that they are charging for it on Amazon!
    • DISCLAIMER:  I received the item discussed in this posting in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.


Benefits of using a cellulite massager


Cellulite.  The struggle Is real!  There is many treatments out there,  tablets and creams, injections and home remedies.  While those are all well and good, there is an easier way.

Have you heard of a cellulite massager?  The one I have is from Shir Home and is available on Amazon.  This massager comes with a bath brush as well. 


Using this massager daily does many things.  It boosts your skin’s ability to circulate blood flow. It also I great for ridding the body of dangerous toxins. 

Use it daily in the shower or out of the shower.  It can also be used with some of your favorite cellulite creams or oils.  If you’re an essential oil fan this is the perfect tool to apply it with!  It feels awesome as you are moving the brush in circular motion up and down your arms and legs.

The bath brush that came with this, I reserved for out of the shower use.  Since I can’t get John to do my back, I can add my lotion to it and apply it to my back.  It is really relaxing and energizing!

This particular set is made nice, sturdy and durable.  If you don’t own a set, you might want to check this set out!

DISCLAIMER:  the item discussed in this posting was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.





Achieve Better Health – Use a Handheld Body Roller

Most of us know what makes us feel better or what is good for us.  We know we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, get 8 hours of sleep and plenty of exercise.  If we are sick we go to the doctor. Some of us takes our vitamins daily. 

The point is we do everything to make us comfortable and healthy.  At least that we know we can do.  What if I told you there is one thing we could add to our lives that might make a major difference in our health.

I am talking about the use of a 3d handheld body roller.


A’BLE Platinum Electronic Roller 3d Massager

is a Platinum electronic roller that can massage body, face, arms, legs, buttocks and back

and it can achieve effect of face slimming, face lift, skin tighten, body slimming, body

shape, relaxing uncomfortable muscle, release tiredness and muscle sporting!

I had read many good things about using this, so I wanted to give it a fair try.


It really did feel nice from the first time I used it. I was afraid of some pinching but there was none. After a weeks time I could notice some improvement in just my general over all feeling. I believe using this at night over my shoulders and arms and even my legs has helped with tension and stress.

I have started rolling it over my face and I hope that I can see some improvement soon.

I like this because it is safe, is easy to use and feels good.

About the Product

  • 3D Roller design adept the whole body skin. Water proof design.
  • With new kneading technology,360 degrees rotate design


  • PT double roller:With PT plating for the sensitivity skin,relieve sensitivity skin.


  • The curved handle:Better design can be adjusted according to different massage place.


  • Fashion design:with MICRO CURRENT technology.Rolling more smoothness.



It is available on Amazon

DISCLAIMER:  The item discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

There is benefits in a Himalayan salt lamp

I have always liked the looks of salt lamps but I never was lucky enough to have one.  Not until  a couple weeks ago.  Himalayan Salt Solution, sent me one of there salt lamps to try out.  I was over the moon hap- hap- HAPPY! 

This salt lamp is handmade and natural.  It weighs 6 – 7 lbs.  It is on a shiny wooden base, has 2 bulbs and a long 6 foot cord with a dimmer switch.

I wanted it for the way it looked.  I thought it had a great look.  Not until I received this one, did I know some of the health benefits it provides. 

salt lamp 7

  • This product Reduce Static Electricity in the Air which causes stress, embarrassment, and frustration
  • This product Cleanses & Deodorizes the Air
  • Numerous benefits of himalayan salt lamps including Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms, Eases Coughing, Better Sleep and help to control Blood Pressure
  • Help with Improve Mood & Concentration, due to the effect of the negative ions on your body, it helps to improve blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs

While I have only had mine a couple of weeks, I can’t tell you any miracle stories about how my health has improved.  But as I was typing a review earlier I got to thinking about how my allergies hasn’t been near as bad this last week.  I am almost thinking the salt lamp has something to do with it. 

Right now I have mine on a shelf beside my television in the living room.  I have another shelf and I am seriously thinking of purchasing another one to go on that shelf.  Can you tell this is one of my favorite items I have had the chance to review?

I can’t think of anything bad to say about this – only good things.  Even the price is decent.  Only $22.99 on Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I was sent the item discussed in this posting in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours. 

Benefits of walking

When I was younger there used to be a show come on television.  I can’t remember the name, but I remember the song.  If you remember it, let me know the name.  But the song said something like:  Exercise, Exercise, Come on everybody get your exercise – Hands on hips”.  


I should’ve listened more to it.  But I didn’t.  Exercise is something that I struggle with.  I have joined gyms, bought treadmills, tried DVDS and even took a Zumba class.  I guess the only thing I really stick to when it comes to exercise is walking.  I don’t think that is a bad thing though.  Walking has a lot of benefits.

Some Benefits of walking:

It can lower the rate of weight gain

It can give you more energy

improves your mood

improves your heart health

How much you need to walk depends on your age, your weight, your health.  It depends on the individual. There is several different walking charts available online.  Your doctor may even be able to give you a proper routine that will work for you. 

So once you set a goal for yourself, you should really start keeping track of your walking.  How can you do that? 

There is many high tech items you can buy that will do amazing things.  But if your on a budget you may not be able to afford some of those items.  There is also items that is easier to use, less high tech and less costly.

Like a Pedometer.


What is a Pedometer?

A Pedometer is a device used to estimate the distance traveled on foot by recording the number of steps taken. Some Pedometers like the SC1 are referred to as Multi-Function as they track Steps walked, Miles traveled, Calories burned and the Time spent walking.

Why do Pedometers Work?

A Pedometer can act as a motivational tool. An electronic coach that encourages you to take more steps to reach a goal.  What gets measured, gets done! For example, let’s say your goal is to reach 3,000 steps when you are starting out. You notice at the end of the day, you have only taken 2,500. Most people will want to go for a quick walk to achieve their goal. Moreover, most will also try and beat their previous days step counts.

I suggest the one I was sent to review.  It is available on Amazon

This one cost $21.49 and works great.  I have had it a couple weeks now and have been able to test it. 

  • Simple Activity Tracker, Improves your Health, Digital Coach Encourages you to Increase Steps
  • Accurate Calorie Tracker Encourages you to Achieve your Daily Goals
  • Large Display / Small Size make it a Smart Step Meter for Men, Women & the Elderly
  • Multifunction Pedometer with Pause function & Low Battery Warning keeps you counting steps longer
  • Super Sensitive Step Sensor & 7 Day Memory Recall allows you to check past days’ performance


The features all work perfectly.  The clip fits tight and stays in place.  So far I haven’t had any problems with it at all.

So are you thinking about walking?  If so be sure and head over to Amazon and pick up one of these pedometers from OZO Fitness.

DISCLAIMER:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of them.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.


Do you suffer from Migraine Headaches?

If you ever suffered a migraine headache, then you know it isn’t something to be taken lightly. 

The pain in your whole head or on either side, the vomiting, the blurry vision, light sensitivity is just  a few of the things migraine sufferers have to endure. 

I have personally suffered them and they aren’t fun.  OTC tablets usually doesn’t do anything for them.  At least for me they don’t.  I think it takes more then a tablet that is an all purpose tablet.  It takes something that is targeted for that particular ache.

After I was diagnosed with the Bell’s Palsy, I soon learned that migraines was linked to it.  I know I have had a endless migraine with it and so I was glad to receive a bottle of Migrastil to review.

Migrastil is available on Amazon.  It is a all natural tablet.  One that you don’t take when you get the migraine – but one you take a few times a week to prevent you from getting them. 


They blend 4 essential ingredients in each tablet.  When they did a research they found these 4 ingredients to:

Weaken the frequency



of migraine attacks.

The 4 ingredients are:

Magnesium, Taurine, Feverfew and Vitamin B1

I have been using these now for a few weeks and I have noticed a decrease in migraines.  While the Bell’s Palsy has caused me major headaches – I felt like these tablets did show a decrease and in fact took the edge off.  I believe with continued use they could really help me in  the long run.

If you suffer from these headaches, be sure and check out Migrastil and see if you think it is for you.


Disclaimer:  I was sent the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Bell’s Palsy- My Personal Experience

Other then being obese, I am normally a healthy person.  I guess that is why I was surprised about something that happened almost a month ago.

For a few days I started getting a thumping/throbbing pain behind my right ear.  That was the biggest problem I was experiencing.  At that point anyways.  I had just assumed it was all due to sinus, allergies and maybe even something from the inner ear infection I had just gotten over.  I would take ibuprofen and just hope it eventually would go away.

I found out one day what was really happening to me.  It happened on the day that John and I had decided to go out for Pedicures and then lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, Guru India. 

I had got up that morning and started getting ready.  As I sat down at my makeup table and started applying it, I could feel something wasn’t right.  But I continued.  My right eye was watering, so I couldn’t apply eye makeup properly.  When I went to put on my lipstick, it ended up all over my face.  My mouth was crooked when I tried to smack my lips together.


I came downstairs and started talking to John.  He wondered why my mouth was pulling to the side.

While it wasn’t funny, I laughed.  In my head it would go away.  I said at least I can still walk and use my arms. 

As the day went on and it started getting worse, it wasn’t funny anymore.  I was embarrassed to talk to anyone while we were out that day, eating was almost impossible and so was drinking.

When we came in I decided to Google my symptoms.  Of course you see mainly the worse when you Google, and I don’t usually do it, but that was what I had.  I seen it was possible that I had a stroke, a brain tumor or something called Bell’s Palsy.  After reading the symptoms I knew for a fact I had Bell’s Palsy.


I showed John and we decided that I should go to the doctor, something I don’t do unless it is absolutely necessary.  The girl at the Drs.  office didn’t want to make an appointment.  She said I should go straight to ER or Urgent Care.  I picked the lesser of two evils and went to urgent care.

That was an experience all in itself.  But that might be another post.  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, right?  I ended up leaving there with a shot of steroids, some tablet and another prescription for steroids.  I was also told if the steroids helped to call them back and they would get me another prescription.  The steroids did seem to improve my symptoms, but I never was able to get the refill.

So in case you don’t know what Bell’s Palsy is.

It is where half of your face is totally paralyzed.  You can’t blink or close your eye.  You can’t smile or talk or move that side of your face.  You can’t feel that side of your face at all. 


It is all due to some kind of trauma to a nerve in your head that leads to your brain (Imagine that, I do have a brain!)  It is caused by several different things.  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Infections such as he ear infection I had just gotten over. 

It lasts different lengths of time for different people.

For me, after a month, I can now smile again.  Most of the face is functioning better. 

I had read several websites and they all tell of he facial paralysis.  That is aggravating enough.  In fact the first days laughter had turned to a few tears by the end of the first week.

But what a lot of people don’t tell you about on those sites is how you feel, even after you can smile again.

My experience with it once the feeling in my face came back.


The headaches won’t stop.  It is a constant headache that no amount of OTC tablets will phase.

The whole side of my face feels bruised to the touch.

Fatigue and low energy level is crazy.  If I sit around I am decent, if I try and walk any amount of distance or stand I break out in a sweat, get dizzy and just have to regain my composure. 

I have a lot of the aching pain on that side of the face.

The emotional swings as well as the depression is really bad some days.

I still can’t wear makeup on my eye due to the crocodile tears that won’t stop.  I have tried putting it on, but it is rubbed off in 30 minutes or less.

I think the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that some people doesn’t understand.  When your face is paralyzed and they can see your symptoms they can see you aren’t well.  Once the face starts functioning again and they can’t see how bad you feel on the inside, they don’t always comprehend that you aren’t able to just jump back in to your daily routine.

I haven’t given up.  I have pushed myself more now then I did before I got the Bell’s.  I try and go for a drive when I can.  I go out for lunch more.  I take in a couple movies.  I just live the best I can and I don’t give up. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from Bell’s – Hang in there – It is a long road.

Personally, I am staying positive and moving forward.  I wanted to share my personal story for other people suffering from this, I know most websites I have found doesn’t go on a personal level or past the facial paralysis. 

You aren’t alone. 



Nutrovape Inhalable Energy Aid

natural energy is something I haven’t been blessed with. I hear about several different things out there in all forms that will offer a bit of natural energy.


In my search to find that energy, the thing that works best for me is the food I put in my body. When I add more fruits and veggies and stay hydrated I tend to feel better during the day.

My problem is that I am addicted to that comfort food and it is hard to give it up. Sometimes I just need an extra kick to see if I can get motivated to even get out of the bed during the day.

I can’t say I am really even a social smoker. I have a pack of cigs that will prob last me over 6 months. I have secretly wanted to vape some of those good smelling juices, but don’t want to form another habit.

When I seen this inhalable energy aid, i really wanted to try it. It is cute, it is different. It seems safe enough.


It came in and I thought to myself after the first puff that it would be something I would buy in the future. I love the menthol taste of it. While it didn’t make me jump up out of the recliner, it made my head feel kind of dizzy.

Of course only a few days trying these I had a onset of Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) and haven’t been able to enjoy it much do to the lack of being able to inhale ::Sigh::

Would I buy this in the future.. I say yes. Not because it miraculously gave me that natural energy. But because I did like the taste of it, the way its made and the way it did make me feel. I can’t wait to be able to inhale again 🙂


Disclaimer:  I was sent the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.


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