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Skinny Pop Popcorn, Gluten Free!

skinnypopI was recently sent a box of skinny pop popcorn.  I wasn’t required to give them a positive review.  I was just required to give you my honest opinion in exchange for a box full of popcorn.  Pretty cool right?

When my box of popcorn showed up at the door, I admit.  I was very happy.  I love popcorn soooo much!   skinnypopThis is the first time I had actually heard of the skinny pop brand.  It is 39 calories a cup, all natural and gluten free.  It is air popped in sunflower oil.  While all of this is very important for my health one of my main factors in something is taste.  My first bite was kind of I don’t know about this.  My 2nd bite was I need more to tell.  After the 3rd and 4th bite I was hooked.  This popcorn is fresh and crunchy.

Most air popped popcorn to me just has no taste.  I actually bought an air popper and gave it away for this fact.  I rather go without popcorn as to have it taste like I am eating styrofoam mailing material Open-mouthed smile.  Even spraying it with some of that low cal butter and sprinkling seasoning didn’t work right for me.  That is why I was amazed with skinny pop.  I actually looked to see where I could buy it around here.  On the site you just put in your city,town and it will show you the closest place to buy it.  When I typed mine in I seen that Walgreens carries it.  That is great to know.

It has also been kid tested!  Yesterday I had a house party and my nephew came, he is 6 years old.  I actually served a big bowl of this popcorn.

IMG_0673As soon as  Elijah seen it he dug in.  I was watching for his reaction to see if he could tell it was good for him.  No reaction at all!  Well I take that back. A happy reaction! 

IMG_0685To find out more about what people is saying about Skinny Pop check out their Facebook and Twitter pages!  Be sure and tell them Tabby from Shopping Wives sent you!

Do you like popcorn?

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