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Gift Ideas For Your Child To Help Prepare Them For The New Baby

Gift Ideas For Your Child To Help Prepare Them For The New Baby

If you have a new addition on the way, but already have a little one, you may be stressing about how it will affect him or her. While you’re probably super excited for your new baby to arrive, you may also be panicking about how your older child will react. However, there is no need to panic. If you take the time to explain to your child that they’re going to be getting a new sibling, the chances are that they’ll be excited. Always make sure to be positive about the pregnancy, never moan in front of your child.

Of course, there may be a little jealousy especially if your little one has always been an only child. But don’t worry too much about this, as with these gifts, you can easily help your child to move past their jealousy and instead focus on excitement.



For all the best gifts for helping your child prepare for the arrival of their new sibling, keep reading.

Older sibling story book

There are various books on the market that have been specially made for children who are becoming older siblings. If you know the gender of the new baby, you can have a unique book made for them. If you opt for a custom made book, it can even contain your little one’s name and details about them. (This can help to make the fact that they’re getting a new sibling a little more real.)

Just make sure that before you give your little one any storybook about their new sibling, that you check the content first. Many books about new siblings focus on arguments. Whereas, you want a book that focuses on how amazing it is to be a big brother or sister. That’s why checking the book before reading it to your child is so important.

Treat them to a special outfit

In preparation for their new sibling’s arrival, allow your child to choose matching outfits for himself and the baby. Explain that being a big brother or sister is an important job, so they get to choose a special outfit. There are some really cute outfits to choose from, like these little brother big brother outfits.

Pick out a few outfits that you like and then let your little one choose one of these. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, it’s probably best to wait until he or she is born and then order your little ones their matching items.

New art materials

Buy your son or daughter some new art materials and ask them to create a picture for the new baby. Treat your little one to a new notepad, some pencils, paints and bits and bobs for creating collages. With their new bits and bobs, suggest that they make a picture for their new sibling.

Perhaps it could be to hang in the nursery or to put above their cot in the hospital? By asking your little one to make something for their new brother or sister, you’re making them feel included in your pregnancy. This is important as studies have shown that children who are excited from the start, are more likely to build close bonds with their new sibling.

Want to ensure that your child is excited for the new baby? Treat him or her to one of these gifts, and you can make the adjustment process a little easier.

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