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Gift buying ideas for people who do not shop online.

Gift buying ideas for people who do not shop online.


Gift Buying ideas for People who do not shop online.  You may be asking yourself if you read that right.  Yes you did.  There is people that does their shopping the old fashioned way.  They get up, get dressed and actually go out to the store to fight through the crowds of other people that may not shop online either.  Let me let you in on a secret.  This used to be the way everyone did it!  Shocking huh?  There is several reasons why these people may not be interested in shopping online. 

No credit card/bank account–  While this is hard to believe, I still have relatives that doesn’t even use a bank.  They rather shove their money under their mattress and pay to cash their checks.

Afraid of online sites and hackers or fraud.  This is a big one.  I have never been hacked, but I know there is so many scams going around that unless you are at a secured shopping site, it just isn’t safe.  You can never be too careful.  Just yesterday I received a notice that “said” it was fed ex and had a package for me.  No phone number, but asking me to download a label.  I called the main fed ex and found out it was a scam and they had me send the email to abuse@fedex.com right away.  I don’t know if this would’ve just put a virus on my computer or if they were trying to get personal information. 

They like to go out and see what they are buying.  Sometimes online the pictures looks better then the actual product does.  Not in all cases, but sometimes people just feel more comfortable actually holding the item they are buying.

Running out of time.  This is a big one, especially for us procrastinators.  If you don’t order early enough, then the date you need your present might show up without that gift.  Either that or you have to pay an arm and a leg to get overnight shipping.

There is so many reasons why people prefer to go out and actually shop. So how do you find something unique and special or just budget friendly?  That is a little harder but can be done.

Sometimes sitting at home, cozy and warm with your cup of coffee/hot chocolate and your favorite program in the background, helps your mind to think of what you are wanting to search for and buy online.  When you get out in the cold weather, get caught in traffic, can’t find a parking spot and you are stuck in the store you go to at least 4 times a week, your mind will just go blank. 

That is why I decided to write this post.  These are simple ideas that can be used for stocking stuffers or random gifts.  I won’t add diamond rings or video games to this list.  This is more or less ideas for people that has a lot of people to buy for, a lot of bills to pay and a small pocket book- but most importantly – a big heart.

These ideas are great for men or women.


  • 1.  Candles
  • 2. Candy
  • 3. Socks
  • 4. Razors
  • 5.  calendar
  • 6. Picture Frame
  • 7.  Key chain
  • 8.  magazines
  • 9.  stationary
  • 10.  Pen
  • 11.  lotion
  • 12.  cup

Those are 12 items that is available most places.  I know it sounds cliché but for me I enjoy receiving home made items that come straight from the heart.  You don’t have to know how to crochet or sew or do anything professional in order to give someone a home made item.

Here is a few home made gift ideas that is personal and straight from the heart.


  • 1. Write  a Story
  • 2.  Write a poem
  • 3.  Draw picture
  • 4.  Write a letter
  • 5.  Bake cookies or a cake
  • 6.  Make a music cd with special songs
  • 7.  Make  a scrapbook
  • 8.  give them coupons offering personal services such as “I will clean your house” “babysit your kids”  “Walk your dog”
  • 9.  cook a meal
  • 10.  Sing them a song
  • 11.  Donate to a charity in a persons name. 

I am almost certain that we would all love to be able to give them most expensive sweaters and electronics, but when all is said and done, the gifts that is going to be remembered the most- is the ones that come straight from the heart. 

Tell me about your gift shopping habits in the comments below! Do you shop online, in the store, Both or do you make homemade presents and other gifts from the heart?

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