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Getting in the right mindset. - %%Shoppingwives%%

Getting in the right mindset.

Since the beginning of the year it seems everything I watch on tv, read in a magazine or just stores I shop in, is centered around weight loss.  I know that’s because most people makes these weight loss resolutions at the beginning of the year. 

I have made these resolutions myself time after time and usually ends up in failure. 

I have been struggling with weight most of my life.  6 years ago I was 500 lbs.  Immobile and basically just waiting for it all to end.  Totally depressed.  In a bad marriage. etc. etc.  

After I was strong enough to walk out of the disaster of a relationship I was in I started really losing weight.   I had actually made it down to 301 at one point. 

Then something happened in my life that stressed me out and I started turning to food again.  I started picking the weight up.  Basically I been yo yo’ing  300 –350 for the last couple years.

I want to blame some of the reason I haven’t reached my goal yet on health reasons.  A couple surgeries.  Several medications.

Always an excuse with me. 

Another thing I hate worse then anything.  I have started being serious about my weight time and time again.  Only to fail.  It seems like there is always one person when you talk about exercising or eating healthier or making a change that is going to put you down.  It is funny to them.  I have had people ask me “how long is it going to last this time?”.  I have had people make bets on how long it was going to last, or when teaming up with other people, betting on who would break over first. We are very playful and our group has been given an excellent review just recently, noting our gambling skills and playful behaviors.  If you want to know what games we like to play, browse this site and check it all out. It’s the giggling, the rolling of eyes.  The smack in the face with words.  I NEED to find a way to turn that negative energy into better determination.

I lost 200 lbs.  Why can’t I lose 200 more?  Well 150 more anyways.  I can.  It is just getting in the right mind set.

Yesterday John and I were having a pedicure and they had the tv on there.  I believe it was Anderson Cooper show that was on.  It was a weightloss special.  The lady doing John’s pedi kept looking at me and then at the tv.  Or at least in my brain I felt like she was looking at me like “why don’t you listen to this”.  What really got my attention was someone was coming on there to explain how she lost half her body weight and was going to share the secret.  I sat there with my ears glued.  I was very very disappointed after sitting there ready to take notes and her secret was:  Drink lots of water! 

I get so tired of drink water, eat more salads and veggies, when your hungry eat a few almonds..  Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.  I know all this!   I need to know how to get in the right mindset to do these things,  how to stop emotional eating.  How to ignore the negative people in my circle without having to totally delete them from my life. 

I will get there.  In my own way. In my own time.

Where are you in your weight loss Journey?  Tell me here in the comments, email me or join me on facebook or twitter!



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