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Fractionated Coconut Oil by Pure Ageless Beauty

Fractionated Coconut Oil by Pure Ageless Beauty



I have always heard the health benefits of coconuts, but didn’t realize that coconut oil was so good for 100’s of things!  Especially in the beauty department.

Moisturize Dry Hands

Shave your legs

Condition your hair

remove eye makeup

use it with essential oils to make soaps and deodorants

The possibilities are endless with coconut oil.  Google it and you will see what I am talking about.  I am no expert with it, since I have just been using it myself for a month now.  But now that I know more about the uses I intend to keep it in stock.

The kind I have been using is from a company called Ageless Beauty.  I really like this bottle for a couple reasons.  The first thing is you get a large bottle *16 oz.  The other reason I like this one is because the bottle came with a pump.  It is sealed up when it gets here, then you add the pump they supply.  One pump will go a long way.  It just makes it all around easier.  Once you get your hands greasy you don’t have to deal with replacing a  lid and you can keep yourself in measure when using it.

There is no fragrance which kind of disappointed me at first, but then after I thought about it, I was glad there wasn’t a fragrance.  This makes it easier for me to use the oil for several projects that doesn’t require a scent.


Here is more about the company, From the company:

  • ★ Cleopatra, the iconic symbol of beauty and luxury, carefully guarded her beauty secret using Coconut oil as her treasure trove to ageless skin and gorgeous , shimmering hair. Modern Science aided by technology has exposed her timeless Secrets. And now Fractionated Coconut Oil’s popularity is going wild! Hint: It’s not just for Women; Men love it and Babies Bottoms are happy forever!

    ✓LOVE IS IN THE AIR! PAMPER YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTNER – 100% NATURAL, ODORLESS, PURE & UNREFINED LIQUID SILK mixes perfectly with ESSENTIAL OILS AND AROMATHERAPY. DEEPLY MOISTURIZING, this Luxurious, Superior, and Popular Oil is the Ultimate for SENSUAL & SPA MASSAGE.✓LONG LASTING – BIG 16 OUNCE BOTTLE WITH FREE PUMP -Tired of tossing out your rancid expensive oils? Our Fractionated Coconut Oil WILL NOT GO RANCID. Sheets and Clothes stay bright and clean – NON-STAINING & NON GREASY. Compare it’s shelf life to other unrefined oils such as Jojoba, Sesame, Sunflower, Aloe Vera, Walnut, Grape Seed, Apricot Kernal Oil, Almond, Evening Primrose or Avocado Oil.

    ✓NO MORE LIZARD SKIN OR ORANGE RIND SKIN! Our Fractionated Coconut Oil is beyond FABULOUS because it mimics the natural skin’s own lubricant. The rich skin nutrients aided by the natural Anti-Oxidants penetrate deeply to smooth, and nourish skin and hair while fighting off free radical damage at the cellular level. We think you will agree beautiful skin is well worth the benefits for a low price like ours. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

    Fractionated simply means removing the long chain triglycerides or fatty acids, resulting in an absolutely saturated liquid that never reverts back to a solid. Once purified, the remaining middle chain triglycerides stabilize, increase the shelf life and prevent rancidity. Fractionating increases the concentration of Caprylic and Capric Acid making not only the Coconut Oil a miraculous skin moisturizer, but a strong healing agent, antioxidant and disinfectant. The result is a perfect product for men, women, and children.

    Enjoy the Many Benefits:

    – Superb Moisturizer – mimics skin own lubricants – Non greasy

    – Anti-Inflammatory – soothing for problem skin, eczema and irritations

    – Fabulous for Massage, Aromatherapy, Homemade Soaps, Lotions and Potions to replace many expensive cosmetics

    – Airy & Silk Like Feel – Perfect for roll-on and spray bottles

    – 100% Pure * Hexane Free * Paraben Free * Sulfate Free

    – Free Users Guide loaded with Tips, Tricks and Homemade Recipes

  • * PLUS * FREE USER’S GUIDE. Revel in the many uses and wonderments of Fractionated Coconut Oil. It is no wonder the pacific Islanders called the coconut the ‘Tree of Life’.

    A Photo-Rich Guide to the many versatile uses sharing Tips, Tricks, and Homemade Recipes saving you a ton of money and delivered direct to your email box.

This is a review I have enjoyed as well as learned from.  If you are not sure about coconut oil and its benefits, read up on it.  This oil by Ageless Beauty is the oil I would suggest to friends and family, it is the one I will use.  For only $13.99 on Amazon, you can’t go wrong.

I received the item in this post in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  All opinions in the post are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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