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Favorite Halloween Movies to Scare you year Round! - %%Shoppingwives%%

Favorite Halloween Movies to Scare you year Round!

How do you spend Halloween? 

Do you go out with the kiddo’s or do you party with the adults?  Do you treat it as another day or make it special in your own way?


For me I had personally thought of inviting myself to go trick or treating with my sister & her family.  Well not actually dressing up and collecting candy, But walking along and seeing my niece and nephew go from door to door.  Now there is so many cons against me doing that.  Trying to heal from the surgery & the weather, being the top 2 reasons I won’t do that. 

I would’ve loved to have threw a Halloween Party but procrastinated about that so won’t be doing that this year. 

Even though I probably won’t be throwing a party one thing I will probably do is watch a few good scary movies!  Our family room is actually in the basement without windows. when I go down there I can turn the lights out and it is pitch black, the perfect setting for watching a scary movie!

I can watch horror movies year round.  I grew up watching them.  When I was about 5 yrs old I started going to the drive in with my family. They would play at least 3 good scary movies, usually I was asleep before the end of the first one.  I was actually at the drive in movie the night the trailer we lived in burnt to the ground.  We were seeing The Amityville Horror that night.  Later on I was told bad things would happen to people that viewed that movie.  Was it a coincidence or something paranormal? hmmm.

I love watching the paranormal movies.  Movies about spirits and ghosts.  Those seem to creep me out more then some of the others.  I do like to watch the slasher movies too but at this point in my life spirits and ghosts is my favorite.

What would be on the top of my favorite scary movies?  Some of these are oldies but in my opinion goodies. 

Tabby’s top  must see scary movies:

1.  Evil Dead

2.  Dawn of The Dead

3.  Paranormal Activity 1-4

4.  Pet Sematary

5.  Nightmare on Elm Street

6.  Saw movie(s)

7.  Return of the Living Dead

8.  Salem’s Lot

9.  The Shining

10.  The RIng

11.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

12.  Halloween

13.  Friday the 13th

14.  The Grudge

15.  Poltergeist

16.  The exorcist

17.  Insidious

18.  The possession of Emily Rose

19.  Room 1408

20.  Candy Man


There is so many I haven’t mentioned here!  Like prom night and urban legends the scream movies…. I could go on and on! 

Do you want to know the one movie that scares the crap out of me?  It is not listed here.  Here goes.  Most of you might know the story behind this movie but for the ones that don’t I will explain what I have heard.  The name of the movie is “3 men and a baby”.  Yes I am talking about the same one with Tom Selleck.  The comedy.  There is 2 parts in the movie that wasn’t supposed to be there.  Rumor has it, a little boy was shot in the apartment the movie they filmed the movie in.  In one of the scenes (where Ted Dansons mom comes to visit) you can see the ghost boy behind the curtain.  They walk into the bedroom and back out into the living room and he is there.  Of course they don’t know he is there.  Then in the next part it shows a shotgun where the little boy was standing.  Apparently nobody knew about it until the little boys mom seen the movie and spotted him in there.  Now I actually seen the ghost boy but was it faked? I don’t know.  Why would they plant something like that in a comedy movie and then not reveal it until a few years after it was already a top movie?  It creeps me out! 


Yes while I enjoy these types of movies all year round Halloween makes them even better. 


Whatever you and yours decides to do I hope you have a spooktakular Halloween! 


Let’s please keep all the people that was in the path in our thoughts and prayers as they begin to move in from the aftermath of this tragedy.  So many kids won’t be able to celebrate this day by trick or treating.  It is sad and my heart really does go out to them.



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