farmville, cafe world, frontierville and all those villes.

Has anyone been so addicted to a social networking game that it consumed their whole lives?  Although I am sad to say it I WAS one of those people!  

It started out with #Farmville .. Having fun decorating my farm, moving up in levels hoping I could get a level higher then my neighbors.  Then you hit a point where you  have to have a certain amount of neighbors or your stuck.  This is when you strart trying to recruit friends and family.  Making facebook accounts for your pets so they can be your neighbor.  Going to posts begging strangers to add you to their facebook so they can be your new #farmville neighbor.  Why?  So you can try to pass their level.
Then as if that isn’t enough you can start to actually master crops.  Then comes growing the trees from seedlings.  If you just beg friends to send you 10 cans of water you can grow a mystery tree!  It becomes an addiction and you end up with a giftbox full of seeds.. You stalk the home page to see if people is posting special trees and you add them to your giftbox so you can beg for more water.  But this isn’t the end of it now you can start breeding sheep & pigs….
As if that isn’t enough you start “just trying” out #cafeworld, #frontierville and all those other #villes out there!  In which they are basically the same as farmville except you are growing different crops or cooking food on stoves and hoping they don’t spoil before you take them off.  
I could go on and on and on about these games.  Do I have anything against them or the people that play them?  No way!   I just felt like it was consuming my whole life and that is why I stepped away. Did anything good come out of me playing them.  Yes I think it did.  Those strangers that I begged to be my friends turned in to people that I had other things in common with and I am still friends with them.  
Everything has it’s pros and cons and we all have a choice to do what’s best for us.  
If you haven’t heard of #Farmville or any of these games check out: 
while this blog was another off the wall kind of topic I hope you were at least entertained 🙂 
keep smilin’

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