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Eating in Moderation with these Portion Control Containers

Eating in Moderation with these Portion Control Containers

Today New Years Resolutions were at an all time high.  Blank Page, New year.  Time to change for the better.  I myself didn’t make an official resolution.  Sure, there is things that I want to incorporate into the new year.  Things like being a more positive person, getting in more exercise, eating healthier, being more organized.  etc.  Yes,  I am not a perfect person so I have several things to focus on in 2016.

I think I heard on the news that losing weight was the top resolution this year.  If you are one of those that made that resolution or just someone like me, that is going to eat more in moderation, you may want to find out more about these portion control containers.

These containers are from Prefer Green and are available on Amazon. 


This set contains the following 7 containers:

Purple 8 oz Fruit Container

Green 8 0z vegetable container

Red 6 oz protein container

Yellow 5.3 oz carb container

2x Orange 2 oz seed or dressing containers

Blue 2.7 Healthy fat or cheese container


I was told that these containers were comparable to the 24 day fix system.  I am not familiar with that system so I cannot tell you if that is true or not.  I can tell you my thoughts on these as I see them.

When someone like me, that is someone that enjoys eating, pulls these out of the box they are going to be shocked.  I couldn’t think about filling these up and getting one meal out of them, let alone 3 and a snack/s.  I am sure it can be done, but I wouldn’t do it personally.  First off everybody has different lifestyles and they have different caloric needs.  Also I can’t think my needs would be the same as my Husbands.  That is why I wouldn’t support any diet or system that told me that is all that is going to be available for me.


Now on the other hand, these are the PERFECT containers for when you are trying to eat in moderation.  To have perfectly measured out bowls with lids is so convenient.  These make it easy to prepare snacks or even carry them with you to work or wherever you are going during the day. 

I will definitely be using these containers in 2016 and I think they will help me in my quest of eating in moderation. 

The bowls themselves are  nice to own.  They are made well and dishwasher and microwave safe.  I love the vibrant colors they come in.

On a final note. If I had 2 or 3 of these sets and used them to measure out my meals I think these could help me. 

What do you think?  Would you be able to survive a whole day on

the contents of these containers? 

Disclaimer:  I received the product discussed in this post in exchange for my unbiased opinion of  it. all opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours.



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