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Eat Smart Scale




I was recently given an invaluable tool to help me with my weight loss.  I have learned in the last while that it isn’t exactly what we eat, as it is more, eating in moderation.  That is really hard for me.  I have no measure when it comes to good food.  I tend to tell myself oh that isn’t that much and pushing the amount on my plate.  Then when it is time to get on the scales I want to complain because the numbers aren’t going down.

This tool I have received in exchange for this blog post and my opinion, is the Eat Smart PrecisionPRO food scale.  With this scale I can be true to myself.  no more guessing and going over my measure!

Facts about the scale:

  • weighs up to 11 lbs of food
  • weighs in: grams/ounces/lbs/kilograms
  • weigh food directly on scale OR weigh in your bowl to make clean up an easy,You can do that by using the scales tare zero function.  I normally just put the food directly on the scale though.  It is simple to wipe off for easy clean up!
  • Comes with an eat smart guide book that will help you with figuring out calories


It uses 2 AAA batteries that actually came with it!  I always forget batteries so it was great to open the box and seeing them there.  Another thing I really liked about the precisionPRO was the large numbers.  I don’t like having to strain my eyes to see how much is on the scale.  As you can see from the picture, the buttons are fairly simple.  There is a on/off button and a unit button.  Push it on, select unit and wait.

I actually had a, let’s just say a brand name, scale before I received this.  Just because something has a famous logo from a tv show or a brand name, doesn’t make it any better.  I like them both equally and in fact am keeping them both.  One in upstairs kitchen, one downstairs.  I will have no excuse not to eat in moderation now.  And while I joke about it.. It is a good thing.  This just might implement all the other tools I using for my weight loss success.   Wonder how much an oreo cookie weighs? haha JOKING.

Remember Mothers Day and Fathers Day is coming up soon.  This would be a wonderful gift for your mom, dad, grandma or aunt!  Could make the difference in their health and when used properly could help control weight loss, diabetes etc.

They also come in several colors so you can coordinate!

   Thank you to EatSmart for sending me this scale for sharing my thoughts and opinions on it with my readers!

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