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Easy@Home Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Easy@Home Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

I have talked many times here about the dangers of hypertension a.k.a.  high blood pressure.  This silent killer hits close to home for me as I have also talked about previously.  The top 2 preventive things we can do is to eat healthy and exercise.  Still sometimes, that isn’t enough.  So to be on top of the game, I think it is important for every home to have at least one Blood Pressure Monitor.

There is many available out there.  You just need to find the one that is best for you.  I rather have a digital one instead of the old school ones.  Another thing I look for is the size of the arm cuff.  Since my arm is larger, I need a large cuff.  I have had a few that just didn’t work due to the width of the arm cuff.  There is some nice ones available for both large and small arms.

Like the one I use most of the time now.  Both John and myself are able to use it.  It is the Easy@Home Digital upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor.   The one I have is the large one.  It fits a arm circumference of 8.75 inches all the way up to 16.5 inches.  If you have smaller arms, the standard one is available.  The standard size fits an arm circumference of 8.67 to 12.5 inches. 


Next after the arm size, I want a digital one that is easy to use.  Easy to read.  I am glad to say this one requires you to push one button.  It does the rest on its own! 

It comes in a cute little bag that you can store it in when you aren’t using it.  The only assembly required is sticking the tube inside the actual monitor.  Put the cuff on your upper arm (Make sure the tube side bottom is on the bottom of your arm facing your inside elbow.  This is where your pulse point is.  Push the button.  It will fill with air (it does get tight) and then wait for your results.  The results are easy to read.  It will show you your top and bottom numbers as well as your heart rate.

I try and check mine every few days.  Life gets busy sometimes and I put it off.  About a week ago I checked mine and it was fairly high.  That week I watched closer to what I put in my mouth and am glad to say I have got it back under control again.  John also checks his with it and his is showing normal.  It makes me feel a bit safer owning this.

If you don’t have a good BP monitor, I would suggest this one.  It is available on Amazon!


Disclaimer:  The product discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for me sharing my unbiased opinion of it with YOU!  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.


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