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An easier way to chop nuts and veggies

An easier way to chop nuts and veggies




Do you love almost everything there is about cooking, but at the same time wish there was a simpler way of doing things.  Creating a new recipe could be exciting.  Mixing and tasting and getting it perfect is wonderful..   But then there is those small tasks that isn’t the fun part.  Like peeling, cleaning, dicing and chopping. 

I am not sure about you, but chopping up onions isn’t the highlight of any cooking experience I have had so far! 

Chopping isn’t always easy on the hands!  I have had slices and blisters just from holding the knife a certain way or maybe the wrong way.

I have found a way that is easy and has saved me a couple fingers and a lot of time!

It is by using the Brieftons Manual food chopper.

It is easy to use, I can cut my chopping time in half and the clean up is so simple.  


This particular chopper is the smaller version.  I have a larger one that works mainly the same way – it is just larger.   The small one is perfect to take a long on camping trips, for making smaller recipes or when cooking for one or two people.  It takes up less space and is well worth the space it does take up!

You can use it to chop nuts, herbs or veggies.

You can also slice with it!  Slice up vegetables for your favorite salad.

As I said this one is smaller, but it still holds 3 cups – so IMO that is still quite a bit.  I guess it depends on what you are chopping.  I use mine mainly for onions and I haven’t needed over 3 cups of those.

It is very easy to clean, in fact you can just take it apart and stick it in the top of your dishwasher. 

It is simple to use as well… Here is what you need to do

1.  sit your food chopper on your counter or some other type of flat, stable surface.  The chopper needs to remain stable. 

2.  Open lid and place the stainless steel blade on the locating pin in the base of the container.

3.  Chop soft food into golf ball size chunks (with knife or hands)  Harder food may need to be made smaller before using this chopper

4.  Place the food around the blade in the container

5.  Locate the pin in the base of the lid into the center of the blade.  Make sure that the lid is flush with the container

6.  This is where the fun begins!  Use one hand to push down firmly on the chopper lid, while with the other lid – pull the string or rip cord – this will spin the chopping blade.

7.  Start pulling easy at first and depending on what you are chopping you can go faster.. Tougher foods like carrots may take a few short pulls to get them down.


One complete pull on the cord does chop food 16 times.  These are sharp blades so be careful with them!  You can leave the blades out and just mix food if you need to do that as well. 


How fine or coarse your food is will depend on the number of pulls you do.

1-5 pulls for coarse, chunky cuts

6-10 pulls for medium to fine cuts

11-20 pulls for fine to very fine cuts

20 or more pulls for very fine or puree consistency

You are going to find all kinds of information as well as some free recipe ebooks with this!

I have been using mine for a while now, and while I seen all these steps and thought it was going to be more work on me.. I have realized how simple it really is..  It just looks like a lot of work when typed out.

I will leave you with this and an invitation to leave a comment below!  I always love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product in exchange for sharing my honest unbiased opinion of it.

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