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Drop Stop is a Must Have Automobile Accessory!!! Win one HERE!

Drop Stop is a Must Have Automobile Accessory!!! Win one HERE!

I have always loved the show Shark Tank.  John and I watch the show religiously.  Most of the ideas that the entrepreneurs  bring to the tank are really clever.  I am not sure what specifically attracts me to the show, If I had to give one reason it would be because the ideas are all organic.  These people come in the tank with ideas they pull from real life.  Inspired by a problem they faced in life and they created the solution.

Imagine how delighted I was one day when I receive an email from the inventor of a product that was on Shark Tank.  Marc Cowan along with Jeffery Simon and Marc Newburger invented something called a Drop Stop.  Marc Cowan reached out to me and together we discussed the product.  I had seen the episode and was super excited when they did in fact make the deal with Lori Greiner.  While I had seen the episode.  Loved the idea.  And cheered along with America when they made their deal, I had never seen one up close.

That soon changed.

I am now a proud owner of Drop Stop.  But before I tell you about my thoughts on it, I would like to inform you more on what it is exactly. 


It is simple.  It is a long padded item that you insert between your car seat to close up the gaps.  This prevents anything from ever falling in between your seats.  This is important because, it can be life saving.  How many times have you or someone you known dropped a key or a phone (shouldn’t have your phone out anyways) between the seat and you had to really work to get it out?  It is just a pain if your parked somewhere.  If your driving and reaching for something it can get really dangerous.  Who wants to risk their lives grabbing for that quarter or that lost french fry?  Ladies,  who wants to actually risk breaking one of those new nails off?  Not me!

Check out this commercial for Drop Stop so you can see what it is exactly:

I received mine and liked what I saw.  They fit perfect between my seats.  I like how they fit right over my seat belt and don’t make it difficult to take that on and off.  It has turned out to be a wonderful car accessory and I can honestly say I haven’t dropped anything between the seats.  In fact this has kept me from having to try and reach under there with a hand vacuum.   It seems like everything goes in between those seats.  Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t some secret magnet that pulls things out of our hands in between the seats haha.
My first impression when taking them out of the box was these look nice.  They are black so they fit well with the car.  The stitching on them is stitched up well. 
While I stated earlier I don’t use a phone when driving.  In fact my phone is either in the glove box or my purse while driving.  It is only there for if I need it for emergencies.  Chances are this drop stop would never be used to prevent me from losing my phone.  I can tell you what it is perfect for.  Have you ever been driving and the back of your earring fall off and you lose the earring?  Mine did that while I was driving the other day.  Guess where I found it?  Yes.  Right on the Drop Stop!  No doubt I would’ve had to have dug it out from between those seats if I Hadn’t had the Drop stop.
These come 2 in a pack and in my opinion well worth it!
Are you ready to get your own?  They are available at Walmart. 
You can also find out more about them by going to their website www.buydropstop.com
Or You could enter the RaffleCopter Below to win your own Drop Stop!!

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Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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