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Drink Up! - %%Shoppingwives%%

Drink Up!

Since I have been avoiding drinking liquid calories I have been drinking diet drinks.  I know this is also unhealthy so I have went a step farther and reduced drinking them.  Or am attempting to!  I have done a decent job with that.  I have managed to cut my diet coke down to 1 bottle a day (24 oz bottle).  
I really really need to get more water in and that is hard for me to do.  I tried to make it fun and have spent way to much on cute water bottles just to get bored with it.  
A couple weeks ago I went to the grocery and bought several different flavors of packets to add to my water.  I bought Lemonade and grape #Crystal Light.  I bought #Kroger brand peach and lemon tea.  A friend also suggested I try the sugar free Hawain punch packets.  I found these at the Dollar General (and was very suprised they were there).  I also seen they had the “Crush” packets.  I bought a box of grape, red & orange flavors.  When I got home I opened all boxes and poured the packets in a large bowl.  I shooked the bowl so they packets were mixed and then I placed the bowl on our bar.  Now I fill up my water bottle and just grab a packet out of the bowl.  It makes it fun for me since I never know what I am going to get.  
What is the verdict on all the packets?
My least 2 favorites are the Crystal light.  I like Crystal light but these doesn’t have much of a taste.  The ones I like a bit better then the Crystal light is the Red Crush.  This to me tastes like red jello water. (and this is the flavor I am drinking as I type this).  
Next flavor that I kind of like is the lemon tea.  I was scared it would be too lemony but it actually was just right!
The Kroger Peach tea is really good so I am happy when I get it out of the bowl.
The Orange and Grape Crush really amazed me.  It is just like drinking a can of Crush minus the carbonation!  SCORE! haha
My mostest favorite?  The Hawainn punch!  To me it tastes just like pouring it from the bottle but much healthier.  
There is so many more out there that I will eventually try.  I am so glad that now we have options when trying to get our water in us and staying hydrated.  
I just wanted to share this with other people that may be like me and needs something more.

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