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Dog or cat shedding? This may help!

Dog or cat shedding? This may help!

Are you owned by a Dog or Cat?  If so you may want to read this! 

It is a given, if you have a inside dog or cat, there is going to be fur on the furniture, on the floor, on the coffee tables.  It is still sometimes embarrassing, but most people I know loves animals and they understand.


While the only way not to have fur here in there would be to probably shave your furry friend. 

There is several reasons why they shed.  Some include:

  • Season
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Gender

That is just to name a few. 

Regardless I am, have been & always will be an animal lover.

So what can we do to maybe lessen the fur?  Not much!  There is a tool though that can lessen the shedding by 90%.  It is the shed ninja

The shed ninja can be used on long & short hair dogs.  It also gets rid of tangles.  I use it on Foxy, my longer haired sheltie.  He tends to tangle behind the ears easy. 


The brush gently reaches under the topcoat to remove loose hairs and undercoat.  This doesn’t harm your pet, it has no blade.  John and I were both concerned with it harming the coats of our “kids”. 

There is 2 sides to this tool.  One has longer and wider teeth.  This is used as a detangler on long haired animals while the smaller side is mainly for removing the loose hair and for shorter haired dogs and cats.


As with any new item, your cat or dog may be nervous about a new object.  Cleo, our oldest dog loves being brushed.  She doesn’t mind what we use and the longer we brush the better she loves it.

Foxy on the other hand has to check everything out.  We have to let him smell what we have, Bite what we have and sometimes let him carry it around.  We ease him into letting us brush him a step at a time.  Eventually he gets used to it and loves it while we do it.. Of course after every brush he Yells at us until we distract him and hide the brush.  This is all a game for him and one we are glad to play.

The fur that animals shed is sometimes irritating to people with allergies and asthma.  If you are like me, you don’t mind a sneezing session for the sake of your babies.  But anything that can lessen the session is great with me.

I like this tool.  It has a nice handle and will last for years. 

Disclaimer:  I received this in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of the product after testing it for a while. 

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