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Diet. Did I Eat That.

While sitting here enjoying this cool but cozy Sunday morning I think about all the tips out there to lose weight.  Sure I know most of the “diet” tips.  DIET also meaning Did I eat That?  I think a lot of people that has struggled with their weight knows all the rules.  Drink plenty of water, calories in calories out. Eat at home when you can.  Plan your meals and snacks.  When you do eat out ask for a box and bring half home. REALLY?  If I force myself to bring half home it calls my name until I end up eating it for a midnight snack.  I think the mind also plays an important roll in why we know how to be healthy but don’t.  Without going into details I can say personally I have so many issues they could make not only a lifetime movie but a mini-series.  As does most of us.  
I guess the main thing is that we never give up.  Life sometimes is going to get in the way but as long as we get in the right mindset we won’t use life as an excuse.  We just need to take it one step at a time.  If we can’t resist that Snicker bar we shouldn’t let that reflect the rest of our day.  I know if I eat something for lunch that isn’t quite that healthy I may feel I have a free pass for the rest of the day or weekend and have plans to start over Monday.  That is something I am working on daily.  Just living in the moment 1 minute at a time.  I think slow and steady wins the race.  Making small changes that eventually develop into habits.  
Another thing we have to watch out for is other people pointing out our shortcomings to us.  I know that will set me back more then anything.  I am an emotional eater and I do get feeling sorry for myself  when someone is negative about my efforts.  This applies to anything from weightloss to a  career move.  What I have learned though is usually when  someone puts you down, laughs and points out past attempts you have made and failed at… It is just a reflection of themselves.  It is because of something they have been through so they are passing that torch off on you to somehow feel better about themselves.  Try to understand the person instead of getting mad and giving up.  I am struggling with this one hard.  But it is something I am working on daily.  Whatever you do try and break that cycle right then and there. Before you blow up like I have been known to do or take it out on yourself remove yourself from the situation and think it through.  Breathe.  Count to 10.  Smile.  The only one we have to prove anything to is ourselves.  Remember that.  
Anyways that is as deep as I will go today.  
My plans for this week is to kick up my walking.  Last couple weeks I have been getting in a mile  to a mile and a half in at least 4 to 5 days a week.  This week is to get in an intentional 2 1/2 – 3 miles in at least 4 days.  My eating habits are slowly but surely getting better.  If I don’t bring it in I don’t eat it. I am learning to eat like a healthy person instead of like a fat person.  Just because this body of mine looks like it does doesn’t mean I am that person on the inside.  I think that’s key.  Once you start bringing out who you are on the inside your outside will follow suit.  
Now I know I started this post off saying I know most of the tips out there.  There is some very helpful ones out there and if we could pick a few out a time and incorporate them in our lives we would really benefit.  It’s YOUR choice.  Here is a link from Dr Oz where he lists the top 100 
There is some very good ones here.
Enjoy your Sunday friends, family and fellow bloggers!

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