Dear Santa. Do you still write Christmas wish lists? You should!!!!


Christmas’s come and go, each with their own memories and traditions.  But while each person has their own special traditions, some things just hang around.  Traditions such as kissing under the mistletoe, wrapping presents, leaving out special treats for Santa or writing a Christmas List. 

I know when I was smaller I would write my list each year.  At that time there was no internet available, at least in my world.  A pen, paper and the latest Sears catalog had to do.  It would keep me busy, dreaming and hoping and wishing.  I had to try and not be hoggish either.  While Santa brought me my presents, My Mom & Dad had to pay Santa to do so. 


While sometimes I never got one thing that was on that list, I still made it.  I was just as happy Christmas morning and the next year I would do it again.

Then as I got older that tradition stopped for me.  I no longer wrote to Santa.  I gave up the “I wants” for myself and found more joy in listening to the “I wants” of others. 

This year as I have been listening to everybody say I want this and I want that, I have tried to take it in.  It made me think, do I even know what I want.  What happened to that little girl that had so much fun writing to Santa several years ago.  Just because she has grown up doesn’t mean there she doesn’t have her own wants.  There is no reason she can’t have fun making her list.  Even if Mom & Dad isn’t around to pay Santa. 

That is why I made my own list this year.  No I didn’t actually write a letter to Santa and address it to the north pole.  Nor did I pass it along to the Elf on the Shelf in hopes he would show Santa.  I made this list for myself.  To pass time.  To give myself a night of putting myself first for once.  This years list is my Amazon wish list.  And while the items on that list will more then likely stay right there, I had fun doing it.

I guess the moral of the story is to just find the fun in the holidays.  Put yourself first for once.  Don’t stifle you to make every body happy.  Bring out your inner child and feel the magic that this season can bring. 

christmas ornaments


Do you have any special traditions?


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