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Cujo training collar will help you fight Doggitude! - %%Shoppingwives%%

Cujo training collar will help you fight Doggitude!

It used to be when I heard the word “shock collar”,  I would cringe.  They sounded inhumane and just something I wouldn’t even consider.  I think that is because I was uneducated when it came to them.

Now while I prefer to baby my dogs, I still have to establish role as pack leader.  If you don’t do that you are going to deal with a lot of doggitude.  Sure some things are fine to let your dog by with.  But then there is certain rules established for a reason.  Safety issues even. 

Imagine your dog getting off the leash and heading to a busy road.  If you tell it to come back and it decides not to, it could cause a fatal accident, for itself or a car.  Also, if dogs like to jump or encounter a person that is scared of them and they run up to that person and trip them.  Who is going to be in trouble for that one?  Yes, you are. 

So when simple training just isn’t working then maybe is time to learn more about training collars.  There is several types out there.  Research and learn about them before just buying one.

1.  Consider your dogs breed and weight

2.  Do you want shock, vibration or sound collar

3.  When you make your decision – read the manual guide that comes with it – or reach out to your local trainer …. Just use it properly.  It isn’t about harming or even scaring the dog.  It is just a tool used to teach your dog obedience.



I have been able to try out different collars in the past.  I have been lucky with my babies and they are for the most part obedient.  Cleo turns animated when you take her outside, but she knows her territory and stays in those parts.  Foxy is one that prefers to stay on our ankles when he is out.  If he hears a stick fall from a tree he high tails it to the porch.  Wolfie is another story.  Since he was already almost 2 when we got him, he has to learn everything again.  Right now when he is out he is on a leash.  If not he will go towards the neighbors house, bark at their dogs and refuse to come to us when we call him.  Using a shock collar will be a last resort.  But if I have to – I will.

The problem with training collars when you have multiple dogs is the sensor in them.  Most of these collars don’t even shock.  They vibrate or give a small static shock.  But I found that when one dog barks at the right moment, the dog wearing the collar pays the price.  It isn’t fair.  That is why I would prefer a manual one.

Like the Cujo Training  Collar.  There is 16 levels to choose from, depending on your dog.




Here is more about it:

  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DOG – With your new Cujo Control LCD Remote Dog Training Collar, you will have the ability to train any breed and all dogs 10 to 200 pounds. Your rainrpoof shock collar has 16 sensitivity settings and correction levels for vibration and static shock, plus a beep sound mode.
  • EASY TO USE – Our professional grade water-resistant receiver and collar/transmitter fits all dogs. The ingenious design with improved microchip makes it super easy to operate and train any dog, small, medium, or large. The high quality and adjustable collar provides the perfect comfort fit for your pet.
  • PREVENT ACCIDENTS AND UNSAFE SITUATIONS – Your durable electric e-collar can keep your dog from running in the street, or fighting with other animals and boasts an ultra range over 330 yards.
  • BASIC OBEDIENCE TRAINING – From sit and shake, to stay and heal, your weatherproof remote device does it all. The remote has a blue backlight for low light condition viewing. It also has a power saving feature to save on battery life and improve your convenience of operation.

I like the fact that this is only going to go off when I decide for it to.  I like to let my dogs be vocal.  If they are barking to protect their territory or just to talk, I let them have 4 or 5 barks, then tell them :  ENOUGH.  Once they hear enough then they continue going, then I can use the collar.  But I am in control.  I like that.

This is a great collar – One I hope will sit in a closet and collect dust.  But also a tool that is well needed for dogs that wants to give you doggitude. 

Would you or have you ever used a training collar?

Disclaimer:  The item discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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