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Common Misconceptions about shopping Online

Common Misconceptions about shopping Online


In todays world we have to be careful. 

It is hard for me to watch the news at night, due to all the negative stories.  The truth is we can’t shut out these stories.  This is society today.  We have to hear the bad sometimes so we can be aware.  I would LOVE if the news reporters would also go out and bring in equal amount of positive stories, but I don’t know if that will ever happen.  Positive stories are out there though, so we must remember that.

That brings me to why I wanted to write this post. 

Fact is we do have to be careful when shopping.  This is online or in your favorite shopping center. 

There is several misconceptions when it comes to shopping online. 


My information will be stolen

I have heard this one several times.  My Mom eventually came around when she wanted a new dress, but it took her forever to trust putting her bank card information into a website.  I think at that point she was still nervous about the whole deal.  After a few times, she relaxed more.  While this is a valid fear, we must know that most sites doesn’t even receive our bank card numbers when we put them in.  They are handled by third party credit companies.  Even then they are through a secure encrypted channel.  More often then not, you will be safe putting in your credit card info into a shopping site.  Just make sure it is a trusted site. 

Prices are higher online

Sometimes this is true.  But then again sometimes it isn’t.  I have found out that shopping online is sometimes cheaper then going to an actual store.  One thing you have to watch out for is the shipping and handling.  Most larger sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart etc.  offers some great shipping.  If your are a prime member at Amazon you get free shipping on several items.  Other places such as Walmart will ship for free when you spend $35.00 – $50.00.  Always check out each individual sites shipping & handling charges before you invest time shopping with them.  When you do it right, shopping online is actually cheaper.  It takes less energy for sure!

I don’t use credit cards and you have to have one.

No you don’t.  If you have a bank card/debit, that will work.  You can also set up a free paypal account and transfer money from your bank there.  Not all sites will accept Paypal but a lot do.  Another option is buying a prepaid credit card.  You can purchase visa cards at most stores and add money to it.  Once you have that you will be all set up to go shopping online!

It takes too long to arrive

True.  Of course it is quicker to shop and bring it home.  If it is something you need right away then yes, you will need to pick it up.  I have found that I have learned when to order.  Living in Panama the only way to shop was to do it online.  Mailing from Panama was very expensive and took forever to get back to the states.  So when sending birthday gifts or whatever else I wanted to send I found sites that had options.  Normally standard shipping is your best route because that is included in free shipping deals.  Most places gives you a choice and can get your item overnight.  If you have put off buying a gift for someone that lives in another state, buying online and having the store ship straight to the recipient might be faster then mailing it yourself. 

The quality or  sizing is hard to determine online

Again this is true.  But personally if I am buying something for someone, I can go to the store and still come out with the wrong size.  I have found most sites really are accurate with their sizing.  They have charts with sizes and measurements which makes it easy.  If all else fails, most does have easy return policies.  Most companies still keep a customer is always right policy and will work to make their customer happy. 

Those are just a few common misconceptions about shopping online that I have heard. 

Do you like to shop online? 


disclaimer:  This post is 100% my opinion.  It may or may not differ from yours. 


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