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Cleo now sports a LED collar at night!

Cleo now sports a LED collar at night!


If you have pets, or as I say 75% of the time, if you are owned by pets, then you may have a lot of collars.  There is several kinds out there to choose from.  How do you decide what to use?

  • Training collars
  • pretty collars
  • customized collars
  • barking collars
  • Flea collars

Personally we have several different collars here.  I lean towards the pretty customized blinged out ones.  I had even planned on ordering Foxy a nice one.  After he started growing and his fur started really filling out, I chose not to even use a collar.

Truth is we never put a collar on our cats since they go out.  Yes, I know it would be nice to have one with an ID in case they wander off, but our 5 tend to hang pretty close to home and know where they are fed.  Our dogs we only use collars when we are taking them to the vet or pet smart etc.  At home we let them stay comfortable. 

At night it is a different story. They are pretty good about staying around the house and while we know we could trust them outside, we do our duty by watching them at all times.  Foxy is a mommy’s boy and would rather stay on the porch, while Cleo likes her independence. 


Picture above:  Cleo on her way home from the vet.  She was wearing a simple collar that day so we could attach her leash while out in public.

While I know they are hanging around the property I still like to see them at all times.  Especially after watching the news last night and seeing that the local animal shelter has reported a man close to home stealing dogs.  They think he is taking them selling them.  Several people have lost their pets. 

I had started using a LED collar on Cleo at night since she is the sometimes wanderer.  It prevents her from going too far and I always know where she is.  What is an LED collar?  It is a regular collar with LED lights.  There is a button on the collar and you just put it on the dog, push the button and you can have it stay on or blink.  The dogs wonder at night and you can see where they are. 

This particular Collar is from Epic Pet.  The white LED lights can be seen for 1500 feet away.  Not only is this good for seeing your dog at night, it is good for cars seeing your dog in case it runs off from you at night.  This collar is adjustable and while I use it mainly for my larger dog cleo which is about 70 pounds, it also fits my 25 pound Foxy.  In fact here is a video I made of them both trying on the collar:




As you can see it fits them both great, it looks nice and in the dark it is awesome.  I also like the fact that it has a padding on the back that makes it more comfortable for my babies. 
This collar uses the small lightweight CR2032 batteries and offers up to 70 or more hours of light.  I am glad I have one and for only $13.97 on Amazon, I may even buy a second one.
Disclaimer:  I was sent the product discussed in this post to test and share my opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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