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I was given the chance, as a bzz agent, to review the intense hydration system from Burt’s Bees. 

I can remember when I was younger I didn’t need to wear foundation or any type of makeup.  I had great skin.  I didn’t even have to deal with acne and pimples as a teen as most girls usually face.  Now as I get older things has started to change. 


I received the products in the mail and was excited!  I loved the packaging, easy to set up and doesn’t topple over.   The smell was great!  First off these products are all natural so no fragrance is used.  To me if I had to describe it I would compare it to laying in a field of clover/lavender on a windy day.  I later read up to see that in fact it is made from a botanical known for hydrating called, Clary Sage.  It is supposed to help anti aging and put that moisture back in your skin.

This isn’t botox, nor is it a miracle cream that you apply and overnight that makes  you wake up looking 20 years younger. 

When I first applied it to my skin, My skin had blotchy red patches.  As I have been using it I slowly see the moisture coming back into my skin and those spots aren’t there near as much.  Have you ever been out on a HOT day and needed a drink of water but had to wait to get to where it was at?  Then you get there and that big glass of icewater just feels sooo good going down?  Well this is like a refreshing drink of water to your thirsty skin!  Seriously.

From night 1 of using the products my face felt so soft!  I don’t know about you but I tend to believe that how we feel is more important then how we look.  Looking good is just a perk haha.

here is the products I tried:


I am not much on standing in front of a mirror for a long time.  I like to do what I gotta do and go on.  This process may be a 10 minute process if that!  Now if I can share the steps without sounding too much like  a New Kid on the Block here I will (only nkotb fan’s will get that one.) 

Step 1.  rinse your face with water and apply cleanser.  Didn’t lather up great but does the job!  Rinse and pat dry face. 

Step 2. Apply mask.  put the mask on and leave it for 5 or 10 minutes, depends on your time frame.  I always put it on and messed around the house for 5 or so minutes.  Take a tissue or cloth and wipe off mask.  no water needed. 

Step 3.  Apply night cream.  Rub in good and if you have any mask left on it can be rubbed in as well.

That’s it. 

Now the only thing I can say that I didn’t like about the product was the fact that it did feel kind of sticky between the mask and the night cream.  That feeling didn’t last long though and was well worth it. 

Will I purchase these products in the future?  I believe I will!


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