I am sure as far back as there has been humanity there has been some form of criticism, stereotyping just plain bullying.  It isn’t right, no matter what you call it.  It seems like times are getting worse and worse.  
Some people can handle it.  Some people try to understand it.  Sadly though some people can’t handle it and this ends badly.  
I have been on the bad side of this and while I am one of the lucky survivors there is many people that isn’t.  Will it ever stop?  Sadly I doubt it.  It is a cycle that goes on and on.  Today with media and reporters we are hearing more and more about it.  
What can we do about it?  While we can’t stop what other people are doing we can start my setting examples at home.  Stop trying to be funny and labeling people because of the way they look or act.  Call people by their names not by what you might think they are, especially in front of children.  Break the cycle.  Live your life.  Stop Judging. Stop hating.  

I am sharing this video a news reporter aired after receiving hate mail.  Please listen and pass it on.  If we can make one Bully think it might eventually save someone from tears, sadness, depression and yes suicide.


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