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BioScience 90 Day Challenge! - %%Shoppingwives%%

BioScience 90 Day Challenge!



I have struggled with weight most of my life.  I was teased in school, put down by friends and even some family members because of my weight.  It also doesn’t pay to be overweight and be named Tabby.  It goes very well with Flabby, I heard “Flabby Tabby”  a lot!

I started trying to lose weight when I was around 13.  I learned about calories and tried to stay around a 1000 a day.  I tried all the latest diet crazes from 13 and on up.

At one point I was over 500 lbs.

At that point it was die or do something about it.  I started learning healthier ways to take the weight off.  I started using all natural health products and with just changing portion sizes, educating myself and doing this the right way I dropped 200 lbs.

I still have a long way to go though.  I will fill you more in on my weight story as time goes on but right now I am going to tell you about what my plans are.

This winter has gave me an excuse to be lazy.  Spring is a time though for new.  This spring I am

  • Starting an exercise program (will tell you which one in another post)
  • I will be combining a couple eating programs (I will be telling you about these in another post as well)
  • I am also going to be using BioScience HCG 1234 for 90 days  ( I will be letting you know how this is going as well)

What is HCG 1234?

Here is some benefits that is claimed to happen when using BioScience HCG 1234.

  • lose fat not muscles
  • no extra exercise is required
  • redistributes fat
  • increases metabolism and  energy
  • No known side effects

this is just a few things HCG is claimed to do.  I am excited to find out for myself!  I have teamed up with BioScence  and am going to be doing this for 90 days!  I will be letting everyone know how it is going as I use the product.

why am I wanting to try this product?  There is a few reasons.  My main reason for wanting to lose weight isn’t for what I will look like.  Sure I dream of looking good in a pair of jeans, that isn’t the main reason.

My dad passed away when I was almost 13, he was only 42 years old.  He died because of his heart.  I also lost a sister when she was only 43, due to her heart.   I am 41 years old and I don’t want to follow in their footsteps.   They weren’t near my size but the odds are stacked against me.  I can change this.

Did I mention there will also be a Giveaway  from BioScience in the near future?

If you are a blogger and are interested in doing this 90 day challenge with BioScience you may apply HERE


If you are interested in following me on my healthy journey please join me on my group board at pinterest.  Send me a request and I will send you an invite.  You can also read about what else I am doing here

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