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The Best Ways to Spend Your Winter Weekends

The Best Ways to Spend Your Winter Weekends


As the winter comes around, and the clocks go backwards, I find those short days really depressing. On the weekends where my husband and I might previously have spend all day out of the house, we find that we don’t want to. Instead, we would rather just wrap up warm on the couch and hibernate until the passing cold has disappeared. However, this is no way to spend your weekends! There are plenty of great things to do indoors and outdoors to make sure you enjoy the winter. Try some of the following suggestions to enjoy the next few months.

Go to the cinema

If you really insist on staying in and watching a movie, make a date out of it. Go to the theater and catch the latest movie releases. Just make sure to stock up on popcorn and soft drinks and you will be good to go. The great thing about winter is that it is in the film awards season. With the Oscars and Golden Globes fast approaching I know there is bound to be many amazing films coming out. One film I have my eye on is Black Mass. It is the true story of Whitey Bulger. Bulger was a convicted murder and crime mob boss who served as an informant for the FBI. It sounds like a really thrilling film, and Johnny Depp plays the lead role. What’s not to love?

Look after the house

If you are anything like me and my hubby, you have found any excuse to avoid the DIY around the house. In the spring and summer there is always something to distract you from those pressing tasks. When the weather is wet and dreary, use it as an opportunity to stay in and do those little jobs. Maybe you just want to add a fresh lick of paint to the house or decorate the living room. Or maybe you have some larger renovations planned. Whatever you need doing, make a commitment to do it.


Learn a new skill

Again, if you have to stay indoors due to the terrible weather, use it as an opportunity to learn that skill you always wanted. Some people might love to learn French for when you one day get whisked away to Paris! Others might prefer to learn an instrument or a craft. Arts and crafts are really great too because you could even turn it into a business if you get good enough. Homemade jewellery and artwork could easily be sold on Etsy and you might be able to make a nice little earning for when the summer comes back around.

Get some culture

If you live near lots of museums and galleries, I bet you have never once visited them. In the summer you want to the great weather and in the winter you are holed up inside. Does that sound about right? Take this opportunity to go out and explore your local culture. You may be surprised at what you find and learn.



Go on holiday

If you have the budget for this one, you should make the effort to get away. Escape the cold back home by taking yourself somewhere tropical. Getting away to somewhere sunny can break up a long, harsh winter. And everyone will be so envious of your winter tan too. Alternatively, you could go away to somewhere with a similar climate to home. It is still something different and you will find yourself exploring new places. This is a great way to escape the monotony of those wintery weekends.

Head to the great outdoors

You spent all summer complaining that it was too hot to go hiking. Do it now! Watch the weather to make sure nothing too crazy is happening like storms. But choose a weekend and head out for some fresh air and exercise. So many winter days are crisp and cold, but beautifully sunny. These are some of my best times of the year. Just make sure to wrap up warm. Invest in some reusable hand warmers which work like magic to keep you warm. You could even take a hip flask with some brandy to keep you going when you start to get cold.

Get baking

Cook up a storm in the kitchen with your own baked goods. You can try anything from savoury dishes to sweet treats. If you always fancied trying your hand at cooking a pizza from scratch, give it a go. Or maybe it is time to perfect those gingerbread cookies. Your friends and family will love you if you can nail this one – as long as you share your treats with them.

Make a treasure hunt

This is a great idea if you have kids. If the weather outside is terrible, you don’t want your children to get cabin fever. Not only will they be really bored, but they will drive you mad too! Keep them busy with an indoor treasure hunt. Create short, cryptic clues to help lead them around the house and towards some special prizes. If you have more than one child, you can task them with creating a treasure hunt for each other. They will get creative in the planning stages and then get logical whilst they hunt for treasure.

Work on your novel

There’s a writer in all of us and it is only a matter of time until we tap into our inner author. Use the winter weekends to start writing a novel. Maybe you have an incredible idea that you just never took the time to turn into something more than that. Well take pen to paper or hands to computer keyboard and get creating. I know a few people who have even self-published their own novel. And did you know that 50 Shades of Grey was originally self-published as an ebook! Look how much success it has found. You never know, your idea could earn you millions too!

Those are some of my ideas but if you have any other great thoughts to offer, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear how you all keep yourself busy!

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