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Basic Makeup 101

Basic Makeup 101


Let us start this post with an “I remember moment”.

Here goes.

I remember, wanting make up when I was really too young to even own it.  I was really young and my Mom bought me a set of Snow White Makeup.  I was beyond excited.  I was beyond upset when I got out to the car and realized it was all plastic!   It was pretend makeup and I wasn’t wanting to pretend.

I was probably 12 when I did get my first real makeup.  My cousin and I exchanged Christmas gifts that our Mothers helped us pick out.  Imagine our surprise when we both ended up giving each other the same identical box of eye shadows. 

I was happy though and that was enough for me.  Each day I would get up and swipe my eyelids with a different color.  As the years went by I learned through trial and error about other types of makeup.  Where and when to apply them.  Some I am still learning. 

While I was on the young side when it came to makeup, some people are even older when they try it for the first time.  That is why I wanted to do this post.  It is nothing fancy.  Just a basic list of makeup and the order it should be applied.

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1.  foundation

Finding your perfect shade can sometimes be a little tricky.  It all comes down to skin type, and your complexion.  It would be perfect if we could go somewhere like, Walmart, and try it before we buy it.  We can’t though.  We can however go somewhere such as the mall where they offer free makeovers (you know where they do one side of your face and you pay for the other half).  Once we find out what our shade is, then we can go purchase our own.  Remember when testing different foundations, try it on your chin instead of your hand.  Your hand is different coloring then your face so you can’t really tell.

2.  concealer

This is optional and depends on the person.  It is usually a bit lighter then the foundation or powder and is applied under the eyes.  It will help your eyes pop out and is great for hiding dark spots and tired eyes.

3.  powder

This just sets your foundation and concealer and I think gives it a ore finished look.  While it sets the foundation, it is a perfect base coat for the blush you will soon apply.  I tend to try and get one as close to my skin tone as possible.  I have used some darker ones and all they do is cause lines and make me look ridiculous.

4.  contour

Contouring is the art of creating or increasing shadow in certain areas so the face seems to have more structure and definition.  You do this by using darker tones of blush.  apply it on the sides of the nose, forehead and under the cheekbones.

5. blush

Applied to the apple of the cheek and towards the back of the ear is the best way to do this.  Normally the apple is about center of your ear, it is all trial and error so just have fun with it.  Again, the color depends on your skin tone.  I like to play around with mine and find out what makes me feel best. 

6.  eyeshadow

There is a 100 or more different ways you can do this.  Starting out you may want to start with doing your lightest color from the lid to the eyebrow.  Next you will take the next to the darkest color just on the lid, finally you will take a smaller brush and apply the darkest color in the crease.  I love to play around and try cat eyes, or smoky eyes, but if your just beginning start with the basics and then express yourself gradually

7. Eye liner

I LOVE liner.  I am just learning to use liquid liner.  In fact I decided to use it to try and get that cat swoop going out.  One day John came in with a guardians of the galaxy raccoon mask.  When I asked him what it was for, he said it reminded me of you wearing your eyeliner the other day.  Thanks honey.  I couldn’t get upset, he was right.  How I normally apply liner has better results.  Using a eyeliner pencil I carefully pull the skin down from the bottom of my eye and just trace a line a long the edge of the eye.  This will help create the Donna Mills look.  Does anyone know her or am I aging myself?   You can also take your pencil and go across your eyelid right above the lash

8. mascara

Did you ever notice when a woman is putting on mascara they always have their mouth wide open?  I think it can be done without that expression, but it is a tedious thing.  We know that stuff can ruin our whole makeup if we don’t hit those eyelashes.  One little mess up and we look like a raccoon.  A couple tips I have learned a long the way.  Don’t pump the bottle because you are allowing air and bacteria in it.  When you open the bottle gently twist the wand.  When applying the actual mascara don’t go in the exact direction of the eyelash, try and go sideways towards the nose.  This will help give the lashes a fuller look.

9.  eyebrow pencils

The eyebrow is something I am just now learning.  I know back when my Mom was younger the eyebrow pencils were a in thing.  But from what I knew women was waxing their brows trying to go thinner.  John kept telling me my brows needed darkened.  I didn’t really listen to him until I seen a few shows where they said thick eyebrows were coming back.  So I purchased a brow definer from one of my favorite brands, CoverGirl and it has worked amazing.  I just dip and brush the wand across my whole brow.  It does give my eyes a more defining look.  Since  I have no real experience with just the pencils, I would suggest you try the brush.

10.  lipstick

My finishing touch and the part I love the most.  Most tubes of lipstick doesn’t work with me.  I am constantly needing to reapply.  That is why I was glad to find some of the 24 hour liquid types.  Applying is really similar wether it is from a tube or stick.  Start with top lip.  Do right half starting in the middle and going outward, do the left side, then one swoop across the bottom lip.  I have seen my Mom kiss a napkin or paper afterwards.  I have also been known to close my lips together and that way you can wipe off any access that is above your lips. 

No matter what colors you use, what looks you are going for- Have fun.  Express yourself.  Use colors you love.  Go against the grain and invent your own unique looks.  Be a trendsetter. 



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