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Basic Laundry Rules that everybody SHOULD know

Basic Laundry Rules that everybody SHOULD know


Today around here is laundry day, who am I kidding though.  It seems like everyday around here is laundry day!  I do not mind though.  I am thankful to have a washer and dryer,  When I first was in Panama, my dryer was a clothes line and a bag of pins.  At first I thought, ‘this is nice”.  Then I realized that me standing in the hot sun and humidity hanging heavy wet clothes, just wasn’t my cup of tea!

We eventually bought a washer dryer combo.  Still with that, the dryer had issues and it would take me all day to dry a load of clothes.

It is small things such as dry clothes in an hour that I learned I had taken for granted.  That makes me so grateful for now.

Now I don’t want to label this as men in general.  Some men do clothes daily and can probably do them better then women.  So no offense guys.  But I just about bet that most of the women reading this can relate when I say, “my husband doesn’t know how to work a washing machine or dryer”.  On the same note there may be as many husbands that can say the same about their wives.

A couple weeks ago the hose came off the back of my dryer.  I was frustrated because I couldn’t get behind there to put the hose on and lint was flying everywhere.  Finally John went downstairs to help me.  He pulls out the dryer and reattaches the hose.  Afterwards I threw a load of clothes in to dry and came back upstairs.

John was downstairs so I yelled for him to check it.  He came back up and I asked him if it was still going and he says yes.  He said, “I had to turn the temperature back on 70, it was going down so the clothes wouldn’t dry”.  Barely able to say it without laughing, I said, “honey, that’s not the thermostat, that is the timer”.  We both did have a good laugh afterwards. 


This brings me to my Basic Laundry Rules that everybody SHOULD know

1.  Gather the dirty laundry

2.  Sort it according to:  Darks, Whites, Reds, Delicates, Towels & wash rags, sheets

3.  Turn on washing machine, each machine is different, open the lid and read your machines directions. 

4.  Add soap powder.

5.  Either put your softener in the machines holder or fabric softener ball

6.  close lid (the machine will take over now)

7.  open washer lid (once It has stopped)

8.  Take wet clothes out and put in dryer

9.  Turn the timer on the top of the dryer to the required setting “timer, not thermometer”

10. Timer buzzes check to see if dry

11. If dry hang, fold and put in appropriate place


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