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Avery Products from Shoplet.com

Avery Products from Shoplet.com


disclaimer:  I received products from Shoplet.com before writing this review.  I wasn’t required to write a positive review and all thoughts are 100% my own

I am not sure if in your area school is already back or not. I know my niece and nephew started their first day this past Monday. One thing I know that they had to do to get in gear was to purchase that dreaded school supply list.  I may be aging myself here or just to young to remember, but I didn’t think the school actually gave us a list on what we had to have.  I am thinking it was just the basics, and sometimes I didn’t have those.  I won’t go into the time that I had to share crayons with the little “mean” girl across the table from me.  It didn’t end well at that time. 

Now the school list is overflowing with not only basic things like Crayons, paste and #2 pencils.  But things like paper towels and candy, depending on your grade.  I have even seen people talk about having to purchase laptops for their kids. 

The other day when Shoplet.com sent me a few of their goodies Avery goodies, I immediately thought of back to school and how that is a wonderful site to get things at great prices. Perhaps if my mom had known about it, I wouldn’t have had to share Crayons? (sigh).


I was sent a Avery Flexi-View Round-Ring Presentation View Binder. 

This binder is so handy for anything from keeping your legal documents in order or for your child to do a book report.  The plastic keeps the pages out of harms way and that is so important, at least I think so.  I normally have a cup of coffee somewhere near me and this keeps important papers a bit safer around me. 

The next thing I was sent was


Avery Ready Index Contemporary Table of Contents Divider

This is super for anyone trying to get organized.  I love the colors that make organizing fun.  Once again these will be perfect for any student or adult.  Wether it is for school or work or a housewife trying to get her schedule in order.  I really liked these because they were really durable and could stand more throwing around without bending.


Avery Round Easy Peel Labels

I really loved the shape of these and the possibilities on what to use them for was endless.  They suggest branding or using for promotional items which is really a great idea when you are a blogger- or have kids in school- or do crafts- or like a said endless possibilities!


Avery blank printer-compatible tags with strings

when I saw this I instantly thought these will be perfect to put on our suitcases when we travel.  They are also good for just adding them as sales tags, for crafts, etc. the strings are very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about losing them.


Avery Tri-Fold Brochure with tear-away cards

When I saw these I knew they would come in very handy.  Being married to a entrepreneur I knew these would come in very handy.  This can help us get our latest venture out.  What a better way is there to get your products or service out? I think I would be more likely to pick up a brochure and read more into something then I would be to stick a business card in my purse.

I would like to thank Shoplet.com for sending me some wonderful items to review. I now know that I can depend on Avery Products when I am buying supplies.  I will purchase them in the future.

What did your school supply list look like as you were growing up?


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