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Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

From Our House to Yours!

May your day be Merry and bright! I hope Santa was nice to you and more importantly, that nobody feels alone today!


Spoil Your Man With These Gift Ideas

Whether it’s your partner’s birthday, your anniversary is coming up, or you just think he’s in need of a treat, these gift ideas are perfect. When it comes to buying gifts for him, most women struggle. You see, men are incredibly difficult to buy for. No matter how long you’ve been together, the chances are that you still struggle when it comes to buying for your husband. Luckily for you, I have put together a guide to some incredible gifts that any man is sure to love.



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There’s something about men and gadgets, every time a new device comes out, they just have to have it. If your husband is a gadget lover, something technological could make the perfect gift. It’s just a case of working out what he’d love the most, a new smartphone or something a little more exciting?

If he likes to read, a Kindle could make a great gift. These are also ideal if he does a lot of traveling, as they can store hundreds of books at a time, and won’t weigh his case down. For something a little more exciting, how about treating him to a drone? These make great gifts and can be easily ordered online from various sites, such as www.prophotouav.com. How about a tablet? If he doesn’t already have a tablet, this could be the ideal present.

Sports related items

Almost all men love sports, so a sports-related gift could be ideal. Whether they’re mad about golf, crazy about football or obsessed with boxing, they’ll be a gift that’s perfect for him. Think about the sport that he loves to play or support, and have a look online for some gift ideas.

You can pick up some amazing sports gifts on sites like http://www.sportsmemorabilia.com/. Popular sports-related gifts are things like memorabilia, tickets to watch matches, and new equipment. For example, for a man who loves golf, a specialized club that’s he’s been wanting and a ticket to watch his favorite golfer play, would be perfect.

Edible treats


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Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not treat him to an edible gift? If he has a favorite treat food – sweet or savory, get it for him. Whether he loves fudge, is marshmallow mad, or likes trying out different types of cheese, there should be a suitable gift.

As well as giving him his fave treat food to eat, what about getting him something extra? How about a monthly delivery of his favorite treat food? Or what about a DIY kit for making the food he loves? Think outside the box, and you can give him the surprise of his life.

Grooming products

Over the past few years, male grooming has become a big thing. Today men like to take pride in their appearance and strive to look after their hair, bodies and skin. Cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating is no longer just for us girls; it’s for men too. For a guy who loves taking care of himself, grooming products make the ideal gift.

Whether you opt to get him a luxury moisturizer, a designer aftershave balm, or beard oils, if he loves grooming, he’ll love any of the 10 best beard trimmers. It’s just a case of picking products from companies you know he’ll like – to get an idea, look at his product stash.

So there you have it, all the best gifts for spoiling your man.

Save your walls and furniture with 4CLAWS Cardboard Scratching Post

If you have ever been owned by a cat, then you know one this is for sure- They love to scratch.  They don’t care what it is or where it is located.  We have 5 cats (or they have us) and I am glad to say that they are indoor & outdoor cats.  They come in and out the cat door when they please.  While they are out they have a numerous amount of trees and other things to scratch on.

Now my sister on the other hand, she has 2 cats and both are indoor.  They had started working on her paneled wall and needed  a solution.  Right about the same time I had the chance to purchase a 4CLAWS scratching post at a discount.  I thought this may save her wall.  It might also make her cats happy and that is the main thing.

Meet Tux & Edo


This post is made to be mounted to the wall.  It is a premium pressed cardboard and comes with adhesive stainless steel mounting hooks.  This means it is easy to put up.  In fact, my sister told me that my 12 year old niece hung theirs up. 

This scratcher is 26 inches high and 5.7 inches wide with a thickness of 1.6 inches. 


Did Tux and Edo Approve?  As with all cats, these two set their own rules.  They aren’t carbon copy cats.  They like things how they want it.  They didn’t want this on the wall.  In fact they kind of acted like they didn’t see it while it was hanging.  So it was taken down and laid on the floor. Results?  They have been having a blast scratching on this.  I think since  they have this, they are now leaving the wall alone.


If you have a cat/s that are ruining your walls or furniture, this might be the answer for you.  I have seen regular scratching posts that cost $60.00  and up.  This one is half of that and a good solution.  Compare the sizes to the one at some stores and you will see that you get double the size in this one.  It is available on Amazon.

Disclaimer:  This was sent to me for a discounted price in exchange for me sharing my unbiased opinion of it.

Kid’s Pretend Baking Set Apron & Cheft Hat

Do you enjoy cooking?

Chances are if you enjoy cooking and baking your mini me likes to do the same.  Why not give your child something that not only improves motor skills while playing, but can really bring out their imagination.

Earlier I talked about a salon set for your child’s 18” dolls.

The same company, Click N Play, also has this really cute baking set for your child’s best 18” friend.


In this set you will find the following:


Mixing bowls




measuring spoons

measuring cup


Chef hat


2 cups, 2 plates, canister for baking ingredients

cupcake tray and bite size cupcakes

cookie tray and bite size cookies

This is a really cute set.  It doesn’t look cheaply made – but more of a high quality set.  The clothing items are well sewn and won’t rip easily.  I do know I would’ve loved to have had these when I was younger. 

I love anything that encourages child play and let’s children see the different roles out there. Sometimes imaginative play such of this helps us develop our passions.  Passions that may one day lead our children to their role in life.

This set is also available for purchase on Amazon.

Disclaimer:  This item was sent to me in exchange for sharing my honest unbiased opinion of it.


Will you do me a favor and bookmark this page before you start reading it?  I will.

The reason I had you bookmark it, is simply because of the nature of what I am discussing.  This is about a thermo genic metabolizer that is developed in Germany.  

Here we are (excuse my Kentucky) right smack dab in the middle of the holidays and I am bringing up weight loss.  There is a couple reasons I am posting this.

1.  Because I had a chance to try these at this point

2.  Because New Years resolutions, goals and a new start is coming soon and then you may be interested in these.


While I can’t say I have been faithfully taking these since they were sent to me.  I did take the enough to see how they were and my verdict was, I like them.  I noticed a huge decrease in my appetite and a larger increase in my energy.  I took these about a week and I could see a difference when I didn’t take them.  I had no side effects, no belching the taste of them all day, no nervousness.

What are they exactly?

Thermogenic Metabolizer  WITH


Raspberry Ketone

– Boosts metabolism and is judget to be one of the best fat burners

Garcinia Cambogia

– Inhibits fat production and reduces cravings, helps to lose weight and works as an appetite suppressant.

Green Coffee Bean

– Provides energy, full of antioxidants, metabolism booster and decreases carb cravings

Green Tea Extract

– Contains EGCG a strong antioxidant increasing fat burner plus

Vitamin B6

The body needs vitamin B6 for more than 100 enzyme reactions involved in metabolism. Vitamin B6 is also involved in immune function



I have taken all of these ingredients in one tablet and so I have researched and learned all the positive effects of each one.  It is wonderful that they have combined the 5 best ingredient and put them in one weight loss pill.

These work for me, have a decent price and are available on Amazon.  As with any form of pill or tablet I talk about on here, I like to stress that everyone has different bodies.  What works for me, may not for you.  Please if you have any health issues or even a slight concern- TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR before starting this. 

For me this is just another tool that can help me when I first help myself.  Exercise, Food Moderation, Plenty of water.  These will help you manage that, or they did for me.

Disclaimer:  I received a bottle of these in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of them.

Kid’s Doll Salon Accessories

I recently had a chance to see first hand some doll accessories.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I found out one of these accessories was a salon for 18 inch dolls. 


While the kit comes with:

Hair Brush

Hair clips


Hair dryer

straightening iron

Salon chair

The star of the show is the salon chair.  This pink and purple velvety feeling chair will need to be assembled when it is taken out of the box.  While it is easy to assemble,  a Phillip screwdriver is required.  This chair is adjustable, has a foot rest and can be pushed up and down. The chair is 14” high so while it isn’t actually affiliated with the American Girl dolls, this would be perfect for those dolls. 

I think this could keep any child busy playing beauty shop.  I think the only thing that might should be explained to a child when they get carried away in their imagination, is that this is strictly “play” and they shouldn’t really get scissors and Really cut their dolls hair.

I would’ve loved to have had this when I was younger.

The only thing that might improve this for the consumer would be the packaging it comes in.  It is in a white cardboard box.  While it is boxed safely and nicely- you can’t see what you are getting and I think sometimes that adds appeal

Over all I think this is a great toy.  It is available on Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this posting in exchange for sharing my honest unbiased opinion of it.


Gift Ideas For Your Child To Help Prepare Them For The New Baby

If you have a new addition on the way, but already have a little one, you may be stressing about how it will affect him or her. While you’re probably super excited for your new baby to arrive, you may also be panicking about how your older child will react. However, there is no need to panic. If you take the time to explain to your child that they’re going to be getting a new sibling, the chances are that they’ll be excited. Always make sure to be positive about the pregnancy, never moan in front of your child.

Of course, there may be a little jealousy especially if your little one has always been an only child. But don’t worry too much about this, as with these gifts, you can easily help your child to move past their jealousy and instead focus on excitement.



For all the best gifts for helping your child prepare for the arrival of their new sibling, keep reading.

Older sibling story book

There are various books on the market that have been specially made for children who are becoming older siblings. If you know the gender of the new baby, you can have a unique book made for them. If you opt for a custom made book, it can even contain your little one’s name and details about them. (This can help to make the fact that they’re getting a new sibling a little more real.)

Just make sure that before you give your little one any storybook about their new sibling, that you check the content first. Many books about new siblings focus on arguments. Whereas, you want a book that focuses on how amazing it is to be a big brother or sister. That’s why checking the book before reading it to your child is so important.

Treat them to a special outfit

In preparation for their new sibling’s arrival, allow your child to choose matching outfits for himself and the baby. Explain that being a big brother or sister is an important job, so they get to choose a special outfit. There are some really cute outfits to choose from, like these little brother big brother outfits.

Pick out a few outfits that you like and then let your little one choose one of these. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, it’s probably best to wait until he or she is born and then order your little ones their matching items.

New art materials

Buy your son or daughter some new art materials and ask them to create a picture for the new baby. Treat your little one to a new notepad, some pencils, paints and bits and bobs for creating collages. With their new bits and bobs, suggest that they make a picture for their new sibling.

Perhaps it could be to hang in the nursery or to put above their cot in the hospital? By asking your little one to make something for their new brother or sister, you’re making them feel included in your pregnancy. This is important as studies have shown that children who are excited from the start, are more likely to build close bonds with their new sibling.

Want to ensure that your child is excited for the new baby? Treat him or her to one of these gifts, and you can make the adjustment process a little easier.

Football Chip and Dip Sports Serving Set

Do you do football at your house?  It seems like the one football game on Sunday turned into an all day event.  Then the all day event turned to Monday & Thursday night events as well.  I must admit, I catch myself watching from time to time, especially when the Bengals are playing and doing so well.

I have always heard if you can’t beat them, join them.  Take lemons and make lemonade.  Or better yet, use football Sunday, Mondays and Thursday legal snack days.  Turn the boring game into something festive.  Try out the latest pinterest posted recipes and serve it in something like this cute Football chip and dip serving set. 


This set is a plastic set.  But a sturdy harder plastic type.  It comes with the makings for a great game environment:

2 football shaped plastic platters for chips and dip or other snacks


black plates

swirly hanging football decoration

It comes with enough to last you for several small games or save it for the Big superbowl game this year!  I know this made John super happy and that means a lot.

This is available on Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.

Complete Adult Coloring Book Kit by Life in Coloring

I think my adult coloring has went to the next level.  You may wonder why I say that.  Maybe it is because I have accumulated several books.  I have a ton of gel pens and colored pencils.  And yes, I now am a proud owner of a complete adult coloring book kit


This adult coloring book kit is really great to have if  you are a fan of coloring.  It does help to keep everything organized.  In this black leather like portfolio, you will find a book of coloring sheets.  Pages of owls, mandalas and other fun sheets.  Once you are done with those, you can place your own book in there.  The portfolio also has a place for your colored pencils or pens.  In fact, it comes with 12 student grade pencils.  You can use these or remove them and add your own favorite coloring tools.  In the small zippered pouch you will find a pencil sharpener. 


I really like the idea of having this.  It makes it easy for me to grab and carry it with me.  It is perfect for when I am sitting outside in beautiful weather, waiting in the car or just waiting for an appointment somewhere. 

I have one problem.  I was using mine when John seen it.  He loves doing Sudoku’s.  I told him he could try and fit his book in this kit.  He did and it worked.  I never got it back.  Looks like I may be buying him one for Christmas or buying myself a new one.  That is okay though.  Men can sometimes be hard to buy for, so it is always good when something like this comes along.

This one is available on Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.

It’s all about the Base – When it comes to building bricks!

Do you have a younger or even an older brick builder in your midst?  The brick building I am talking about is bricks such as Legos and Click N Play type bricks.  If you do, then you may want to learn about these bases to go with them.


Here is more info about the bases:

  • 4 pack 5×5 inch Blue baseplates compatible with Lego and other major building block manufacturers
  • Keeps your creations together and easy to carry and display .Guaranteed tight fit
  • Don’t run out of plates again with this 4 pack
  • Great for group building. Recommended for age 3 and up. Not for DUPLO sized blocks
  • These plates are not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Lego, a registered trademark of Lego Systems

They are available on Amazon.  The ones I reviewed was a 4 pack of 5×5’s.  They are also available in 4 packs of 10×10 or 8 packs of 5×5’s.

I didn’t even realize they made things like this! After having a chance to try them out, I am glad they do make them. There is several reasons these are perfect.

My top 2 reasons for liking these base plates for Legos and other types of bricks:


1.  working on carpet. these give you a “base” to build without fear of losing your work.

2.  moving your project. Yes, you still have to be careful, but it makes it easy to slide it from point a to point b and even lifting it carefully.

I found the price to be great, especially if your little one has tons of bricks like my nephew does. These seemed to work good for Legos and the click n play bricks both.

I think this is a must have for all our little builders.

Disclaimer:  The product discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for my unbiased opinion of them.


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