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8 Useful Gift Ideas That All New Parents Will Appreciate

8 Useful Gift Ideas That All New Parents Will Appreciate


Buying presents for new parents can be challenging as you don’t know what they already have or what they need. Asking them to create a detailed wish list can make the whole process seem less special and appear almost lazy. Some people prefer doing their gift giving this way and while it is easier, it lacks the element of surprise. Plus some parents can be that overwhelmed with their new bundle of joy, they don’t have the time to think about what they would potentially like. This year don’t ask them what they want and instead go for one of these incredible gift ideas. They will not only be highly appreciated but also make them better parents all round.

Dispensing Spoon

This is a wonderful device that is simple to use and makes mealtimes a breeze. It can be utilized by both the parents and the baby with it’s easy to squeeze mechanism. All they have to do is fill the inside of the spoon with baby food, give it a squeeze and it will put a suitable amount of food on the spoon each time. This is also great if the parents enjoy taking their baby out for the day. Instead of filling their baby bag with endless bottles of baby food, they can just take the filled up spoon instead. It easy to use and saves room making it an ideal gift.

Padded Kneeler

Parents will spend majority of their days on their knees. Whether it’s at bath time or crawling around when playing a game with their baby. Over time this can get uncomfortable and cause joint pain and bruising. You can take some of the pressure off their knees by buying them a padded kneeler. This means they can be more comfortable and stay in this position for longer periods of time without being in pain. They come in an array of sizes and designs to choose from, but always test the cushioning before buying. You don’t want to buy one that won’t do it’s intended job properly.

Pacifier Thermometer

This gift will allow new parents to keep track of their baby’s temperature and will alert them of any dramatic changes. Traditional thermometers can be uncomfortable and difficult to put inside a baby’s mouth. This provides an easier and faster solution. This is the ideal way of putting any parent’s mind at rest, especially if their child has been unwell previously. They will appreciate this functional present that will help them prepare for colds and high temperatures.

Children’s quote book

This book is a unique take on a memory book and gives the parents the opportunity to write down funny things that their child says and does. It may take some time for their child to start speaking properly. But they can still make their family laugh with facial expressions and noises. They can use the pages inside to write quotes and explanations and even put pictures and drawings in too. This makes a fabulous keepsake they can add to and look back on as their child gets older. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to any new parents face.


Cool looking changing bag

New parents will be surrounded by child-like imagery throughout their child’s life. It will soon appear on everything from their bags to their baby accessories. For a man who cares about his style, in particular, it may not look cool carrying a bright pink and floral changing bag. Look for a less obvious choice and go for something with more of a style factor. Just ensure there is still plenty of room and lots of pockets they can utilize. A strong clasp is another essential aspect, as it will prevent the contents from spilling out. A fashion conscious couple will really appreciate receiving an item that reflects their style and not their child’s for once.


Wireless baby monitor

Being able to see their child while they are asleep or separated from them is something all parents want. A wireless baby monitor gives them the freedom to move around their home while still being able to check up on their child. Most monitors today will provide both audio and visual broadcasting. Which will stop these new parents panicking when separated. This is a great gift for parents who like their modern technology and makes them more comfortable about leaving their baby alone.

Personalized gifts

New parents will be adorned with clothing and gifts for their new bundle of joy. So be a little different and add their name onto their gift. This will make a wonderful keepsake for the parents to put inside a memory box and can commemorate special occasions. You can find baby gifts at Makaboo and Mother care that can be personalized with names and dates. This additional effort will ensure these new clothes or gifts are treasured forever.

UV Sanitizing wand

Parents who are keen about keeping their homes germ and bacteria free will love this gift. The wand allows them to scan work surfaces, tables and baths and will get rid of anything that normal cleaning did not get rid of.  It’s safe and easy to use and could potentially stop their baby from getting sick. Keeping germs at bay is a priority for parents when babies are around, as they are more vulnerable and more susceptible to catching bugs. This gift will protect the whole family and remove the need to use strong chemical cleaners.

These gift ideas should have filled you with inspiration and you should know exactly what to buy for the new parents in your life. Make it fun and something they can use right away. If you don’t have children yourself, ask people who do for help and advice online or in store. They will be happy to assist you and you’ll learn a lot about the baby industry as a result. Another great tip is always to pay attention to the things they say, as this will give you some great insight into what they need. They are just going to adore whatever you buy when you’ve put so much time and thought into it.

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