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8 Things Your Man Will Need On A Last Minute Trip

8 Things Your Man Will Need On A Last Minute Trip

Have the guys from the gym called and invited your man along for a last-minute camping trip? Or is he always getting called away on ad-hoc meetings with work? Whatever the reason, if your guy is heading off on a last minute trip, he might need some help with his packing. Here are eight items to remind him to take.


Most hotels provide towels for their guests. But what if your guy is actually staying somewhere else, like a villa or a self-catered apartment? It will take him ages to get dry with a toilet roll! If space is limited, pack a micro fibre towel. They don’t take up as much room as normal ones and they dry faster too.

Glasses or contacts

No matter the nature of the trip, if your guy wears glasses or contact lenses, he’s going to want them with him. If he wears contacts and forgets them, he might be able to pick up a one-day pair from the local pharmacy. Glasses, however, are far harder to replace. Have him keep them in a sturdy glasses case, not a soft one. This also makes a good gift idea.


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Like with a towel, the place he’s headed may or may not provide toiletries. Remind him to pack his toothbrush and toothpaste. He’ll also want any hair products he regularly uses, a multi-use shower gel. Don’t forget the deodorant; he’ll need that in case things heat up in the boardroom!

A shaver

This is especially important if your man needs or wants to remain clean-shaven. Even if he shaves before the trip, he’ll want to be covered if it goes on longer than expect. If he does forget his, he can order one online from sites like iwantashaver.com.

Clean underwear

Men might insist that underwear can just be turned inside out, but we women know better! Make sure he packs some spares. 


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Even if he is going away on business, a comfortable change of shoes is a must. If he wants to run down to reception just before bed, he’ll want to slip on some sneakers, not his smart work shoes.


It’s very unlikely he’ll forget his phone or laptop, especially if it’s a business trip. However, it is likely that he’ll forget the chargers! An alternative is a portable charger, which transfers its battery power onto your device when necessary. Chargers often get forgotten at both ends. They can get left in the plug socket at the hotel or conference centre he’s been staying at. This is another reason why portable chargers can come in so handy.


Even if you think you’ll be in the house when he returns home, it’s probably best he take his keys with him. That way, if your plans change, you won’t need to worry about him. Equally, for him, a meeting might run over or a train could be delayed. Having his keys with him means he can let himself into the house no matter what time he arrives back.


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