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6 Tips that Will Help You to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

6 Tips that Will Help You to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring is crucial. Everybody is going to want to see the engagement ring as soon as they find out about it, so it needs to look stunning. Not only that, it needs to suit the person you’re giving it to if you want them to say yes! They will be wearing this ring forever if everything goes to plan, so you need to put a lot of thought into it right from the start. These 6 tips will help you to find the perfect engagement ring:

Decide on the Metal

The first thing you want to do to help narrow down your search, is decide on the metal. There’s silver, white gold, gold, platinum, and even rose gold. Rose gold is a very popular metal these days, but most women love platinum rings. They find cooler colored jewelry looks far more expensive and classy. However, to work it out for yourself, you will need to look through their current jewelry collection. If they always wear gold jewelry, you’re better off buying a gold ring.

Describe Their Style and Personality

How would you describe their style and personality? This is important, because you want a ring that matches this! You don’t just want to pick out any old pretty ring. If they love vintage style, then a vintage ring will suit them. If they like to be different, then you might consider buying a colored stone. Only you know them best, so try to think of words to describe them. You could even describe them to a professional jeweler and see if they come up with any good suggestions.


Pay Attention to Their Day to Day Style

Their day to day style is probably the most important thing. They’re going to wear this engagement ring every day, so you want it to fit in. They probably like to get dressed up on a night out, but it’s no good buying them a glamorous ring if they usually like to dress casually. You want it to work well for any occasion, whether they are heading to work or out on the town.

Ask a Family Member or Friend to Help

If you want some reassurance that you’re making a good decision, ask a family member or friend to help you out. Any close friends might have a good idea of what sort of style ring they want, as they have more than likely discussed it numerous times! Take one of them shopping to help you make your mind up.

Learn All About Quality Diamonds

Learning about quality diamonds is a must. This is the only way you’ll be able to wade through all of the designer engagement rings effectively. You need to know what makes a quality diamond, and a great looking diamond. It isn’t all about the size!

Be Prepared to Splash the Cash

You do need to be prepared to splash the cash. Don’t go into debt over it, but make sure you put a realistic budget aside. This ring needs to last forever!

2 Responses to 6 Tips that Will Help You to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

  • I like your tip to buy an engagement ring based on their day-to-day style. Like you said, there’s no point in buying a flashy ring if their style is usually pretty casual. Finding a ring that fits their personality and style is better than finding one that costs a lot of money. Thanks for the article!

  • When my husband and I are choosing the best engagement ring for us, we’ve decided and based it on what we really love and our personality. And that’s why we came up of choosing a vintage style of engagement ring because we both have the passion in vintage stuff.

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